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Mitsuri Kanroji (甘露寺 蜜璃) is a supporting character in the 2016-2020 fantasy horror manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and its 2019 anime television series adaptation.

She was voiced by Kana Hanazawa in the Japanese version and Kira Buckland in the English version.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She first started out joining the Demon Slayer Corps into finding a man strong for her to marry happily. But once it took realization to her strength in general and her insecurities of her past rejections, she felt regret upon joining the slayers for such a silly reason. But afterwards with the help from Shinobu and Obanai, she accepts who she is and later that factor sheds away once she realized how in love she was with Obanai.
  • She was the only Hashira to oppose beheading Tanjiro, sympathizing with his situation with Nezuko and the first Hashira to quickly accept Tanjiro and Nezuko, despite her being a demon, believed Tanjiro's story and agreed with Kagaya's order not to harm them. She is also the only Hashira that lacks flaws and corrupting factors, just like Rengoku and Gyomei and unlike the others.
  • Despite being clumsy and comical at times, she is very determined and wanted to make use of herself for others in both battles and her duties as a Demon Slayer.
  • Indirectly gave Tanjiro the idea that the secret weapon within the Swordsmit Village, the Yoriichi Type Zero, would help raise Tanjiro's strength and potential.
  • Despite being late and wasn't there in time, she was still able to protect one of the swordsmiths in the village from Gyokko's mutant demons.
  • Saved Tecchin, the chief of the Swordsmith Village, from a bigger fish demon of Gyokko's and helped up all the guards whowere injured
  • Saved Tanjiro from near death when Zohakuten was about to finish him.
  • Fights off Zohakuten while protecting Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya from harm but also gave them time to find Hantengu and eradicate him for good.
  • Tries to stop Giyu and Sanemi from fighting before Gyomei did.
  • She trained Tanjiro and the rest of her batch trainees into doing flexibility. Despite from Tanjiro it was described as "hell", it was a necessary factor to the Hashira training and she was just doing her job as a mentor, alongside nothing harmful despite of this.
  • She and Obanai fought Nakime to stop her from controlling the fortress until Yushiro arrived. Despite being scared of him at first, she entrusted him to stop Nakime by using a technique.
  • She alongside Giyu, Obanai, Gyomei, Sanemi, and the rest of their allies fought hard into defeating Muzan Kibutsuji and putting an end to his reign once and for all until daylight came by.
  • During the fight, she was critically injured and wounded heavily. But nevertheless wanted to continue making use of herself as she joined in the battlefield one last time by ripping off one of Muzan's arms, alongside Sanemi, as it gave Tanjiro the advantage to aim his blade on Muzan's neck until the sun rises.
  • Before her death, she thought to have been holding everyone back. But Obanai justified that she did well and saved a lot of people's hearts, including his own, due to his tragic state, she saved him from being alone and helped him love her back without even knowing.
  • She was one of the people in the afterlife, alongside Kyojuro Rengoku and Gyomei Himejima, to save Tanjiro from Muzan's corruption to him while his body was getting cured by Kanao, also ending Muzan's legacy and terror for good permanently.


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