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I can't tell the difference between my waking life and dreams.
~ Steven Grant.
Honestly, it's like my body wants to get up and wander about, you know, like it has to get the 10,000 steps in. You know? And I don't even know about it until I wake up wherever. That's why I try to stay awake at night. What do you think? Nah. You're right. I mean, I guess there are stranger things that people do, but... No? Well, I think it's a bit... I'm sorry.
~ Steven Grant to Bertrand Crowley.
I'm really jazzed about showing you these new skills sets I have.
~ Steven to Layla.

Steven Grant is one of the two main protagonists (alongside his original personality, Marc Spector) of the 2022 Disney+ series, Moon Knight. He is a British citizen that works in a gift shop at the National Art Gallery. He later assumes the persona Mr. Knight when he is forced to summon the suit, while still having control over Marc's body when forced to fight another Jackal.

He is portrayed by Oscar Isaac.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He is a gift shop worker in a museum who has helped many customers as well as been nice to them.
  • While mistreated by his boss, Donna, and admits to thinking about killing her, he openly states he would never do so or harm her.
  • When Grant tells Spector to let him take over, he was at first reluctant to do so but then decides to accept it and transform himself into Moon Knight. But while he did kill the creature it was mostly out of self-defense given how cornered he is. Not to mention he was completely unaware of Marc's existence and what is happening to his life which lead to him finding the truth.
  • Once he discovered children would die from Harrow’s plan, he decided to start working harder to stop his goals, openly opposing child murder.
  • After he summoned his suit, he tries to save El-Faouly from the Jackel that attempts to kill her before deciding to let Marc take over in order to defeat it realizing he is too weak to handle it.
  • Stops Marc from killing three of Harrow’s mercenaries.
  • At the estate, when Marc tells Steven to help translate the script, he helps out with the translations despite not possessing his body before Mogart enters catching them.
  • As the fight goes on, Steve decides to not fight against Mogart's men and only lets Marc take over because he was impaled by them.
  • He helped assembled the star map while also helping Khonshu turn the night sky in order to stop Arthur Harrow continue his plan.
  • When Layla tried to kiss him, told her of Marc trying to protect her from Khonshu so that she wouldn’t prefer him over Marc for something that wasn’t his fault. He only kissed her when she made it clear she still wanted to kiss him.
  • After finding out his mom was dead the whole time even after talking to her unaware of this, he cried stating his mother is dead after hearing nothing on the line.
  • After finding the truth and everything about Marc from his past, becoming Moon Knight, finding out he was made up all the way to him not attending her funeral, he reassured Spector that it was not his fault for being unable to save Randall from dying due to the fact he was just a kid at the time while also stating that everything his mother said to Marc is completely false before hugging him forgiving everything Marc did.
  • While he did kill the lost souls it was all in self-defense and it's due to the fact they attempt to drag them off the boat.
  • He sacrificed himself in order to save Marc from the lost souls while also letting Spector arrive at the Field of Reeds.
  • After being resurrected, he and Marc decide to accept each other as they both attempt to save everyone from Arthur and Ammit.
  • He and Marc stopped Arthur and Ammit destruction, saving millions of lives in the process by transporting Ammit into Arthur's body.
  • Both decided to spare Arthur instead of killing him knowing that the two of them are no longer a threat anymore as well as being identical while also stating that Khonshu should do it himself before convicting him to end their bargain losing their powers in the process.
  • While he did kill others this was because Jake Lockley took over both Marc and Steven's bodies and both were completely unaware of his existence even when battling their enemies meaning it was not their fault most of the enemies were killed.
  • Unlike Marc Spector, who is a bit lethal, while Jake Lockley is cold and sadistic while killing his enemies, Steven lacks any corrupting qualities and is overall a good-hearted man who cares for Marc and others' well-being.
  • Despite his seriousness, he never darkens the story and is still taken lightly.

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