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Nari is a supporting protagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing as a major protagonist in Wizards and Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. She is a former member of the Arcane Order who abandoned their cause after realizing that they were causing disorder instead of balance.

She is voiced by Angel Lin.



Nari is a former member of the Arcane Order who created the entire universe alongside their other two members, Bellroc and Skrael, while using the Titans as their handmaidens, and also created the Earth to be a paradise for all living beings. She worked with Bellroc and Skrael in maintaining the balance between magic and mortal, no matter what. However, over time, Nari came to see that she and the Arcane Order were not causing balance through their actions, only destruction; Bellroc and Skrael had a twisted view of the balance in which magic was dominant over mortal, but Nari believed in a true balance where magic and mortal lived together in harmony.

After Morgana was indirectly killed by Arthur after a battle outside Camelot, the three members of the Arcane Order chose her to be their champion. The difference is, Nari truly believed in bringing back the balance and there was never an indication that she was intending for Morgana to turn evil nor didn't care about her, unlike the other two, who just saw her as a pawn to achieve their own twisted version of the balance, which turned out to be magickind overthrowing humanity. Seeing the error of her ways, and still believing in a true balance between magic and mortal, Nari tried to convince Bellroc and Skrael to do the same, but the latter two instead became even more grudged because of Morgana failing them and decided to switch their goals to finding the Genesis Seals so they can destroy the universe and remake the world. Hence, why Nari took refuge in Camelot after Arthur died and turned into the Green Knight.


During the modern day, Nari creates a portal to the past to the 12th century so that 21st-century Camelot can escape to that time and be safe from the Arcane Order. Unfortunately, things go haywire and the Order end up destroying Camelot, with only Douxie, Claire, Jim, and Steve being able to escape to the past. When they return to the 21st century, Camelot crashes into Arcadia Oaks-High. Arthur, now as the Green Knight, psychologically torments Jim by trapping his soul in the Shadow Realm as he is forced to work for the Arcane Order, and Nari tries to locate Jim's soul but finds out that his soul is not in the physical plane of existence. Eventually, the Guardians of Arcadia, with Morgana eventually joining them, are captured by the Arcane Order, but as Arthur prepares to keep Nari from escaping, Morgana clashes with him, and the two end up killing each other, ending with Jim's soul finally being freed. Nari manages to escape with Douxie's help, and the two travel to Metro City so the Order can't find them.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Unfortunately, the Arcane Order manage to catch up with the two, and despite the efforts of the Guardians of Arcadia, Nari is taken away from them, though Douxie manages to swap bodies with her. When Bellroc and Skrael attempt to open the Genesis Seals, it doesn't work because the real Nari is not present. So, the two force Douxie and Nari back into their original selves and are successful with opening the Genesis Seals, while Bellroc brainwashes Nari into turning back to evil and helping in the Arcane Order's plan to destroy the cosmos, but not before Nari gives the Guardians of Arcadia a helpful clue in stopping the Arcane Order for good, saying the the Trollhunter will make the Ninth Configuration, that time can unfold in different ways, and that the Khronisfere can make things right and only the Trollhunter will know when to use it.

With that, the Titans are unleashed upon the world, and Bellroc uses the now mind-controlled Nari to kill Nomura through the Earth Titan when she, Douxie, and AAARRRGGHH!!! try to stop her. Luckily for the Guardians of Arcadia, as the Titans journey to Arcadia, Douxie manages to snap Nari free of Bellroc's mind-control permanently, reminding her that she told him to stop running from the Arcane Order. Once free, Nari realizes what has happened to her and that the Arcane Order are truly beyond redemption. Feeling heavy remorse for her actions, she and Douxie embrace in a hug before she decides to use the Earth Titan to save the universe from the Fire Titan and Ice Titan, controlled by Bellroc and Skrael respectively.

As Skrael and the Ice Titan journey through Arcadia National Park to the last primordial Heartstone, Claire uses a massive portal of shadow magic for Nari and the Earth Titan to stop him. When Nari charges at Skrael, he questions how she snapped free from the Arcane Order's control, and Nari tells him that it was her friends who set her free. This results in a massive battle between Skrael and Nari in which he almost crushes a coach and multiple children in a school bus during a field trip, but she saves all of them in time. The battle ends when Skrael punctures through the Earth Titan and fatally wounds Nari in the process, but she uses the last of her strength to puncture through the Ice Titan, fatally wounding Skrael, resulting in Nari turning into ice and Skrael disintegrating into nothingness as both of them, as well as the Earth and Ice Titans, die.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She, alongside Bellroc and Skrael, created the entire universe whilst using the Titans as their handmaidens, intending for the Earth to be a paradise for all life to inhabit. Although this is never shown happening, it negates from being offscreen heroism because it explains the very existence of the Titans themselves.
    • Upon seeing humanity's corruption upon the world, unlike Bellroc and Skrael, whose views of the balance were that magic would overthrow mortal as the dominant species, Nari genuinely believed in a true balance where magic and mortal could live together in harmony and that humanity can be redeemed.
    • She came to realize that all that the Arcane Order were doing were causing more pain and destruction instead of balance, and that they were hypocritical in their actions. This is shown through her connection of souls and being able to feel the pain and the many deaths that occurred during the Battle of Killahead Bridge.
    • When Bellroc and Skrael decided to switch their plot to destroying the universe and remaking the world thanks to Morgana's half-measures, Nari defected from the Arcane Order as they now planned to use Nari to open the Genesis Seals and unleash the Titans upon the world and connect them with the Heartstone beneath the land which would become the town of Arcadia-Oaks, the center of the universe, to prevent the destruction of reality itself. She even hid in the now-flying Camelot to escape from them and protect the universe, her own creation alongside them, from the Order.
    • She genuinely cared about Bellroc and Skrael as she tried to convince them both that the suffering that the three of them were responsible for was not worth bringing their own version of the balance, and she only killed Skrael when he proved to be irredeemable and too much of a threat to the universe.
  • She never had any resentment towards Merlin when she was kept at bay for a millennium alongside Bellroc and Skrael when they were attacking Camelot a hundred years prior to the 12th century, accepting it with dignity. Also, she was heartbroken upon seeing that the Arcane Order were attacking the kingdom, which is when she started to realize how evil and self-righteous the Arcane Order truly were.
  • She was genuinely kind to both Morgana and her childhood friend Guinevere when they were both young, as she showed them her magic to lift their spirits. When Arthur swung at her with his toy sword, Nari didn't fight back to defend herself, and fled.
    • She was the only member of the Arcane Order who was genuinely kind to Morgana, as she was the one who brought her back to life in the first place and created her magical prosthetic to replace her left hand, which Arthur severed in battle. Unlike with Bellroc and Skrael, there's not even an implication that Nari was planning to use Morgana to attack Camelot.
    • Also unlike Bellroc and Skrael, Nari never outright killed anyone during the Battle of Killahead Bridge when intervening in the battle, only attacking some knights were fighting in the battle but never causing any permanent damage.
  • Nine centuries later during the 21st century, she helped Douxie, Jim, Claire, and Steve escape through a time rift back to the 12th century when the now-flying steampunk castle of Camelot was attacked by the Arcane Order consisting of Bellroc, Skrael, and King Arthur who became the Green Knight.
  • She attempted to find Jim's soul so he can finally be freed from the spiritual corruption and brainwashing of the Onyx Shard shot into his heart by Arthur.
  • She hid herself from the Arcane Order alongside Douxie following Arthur's death and the temporary defeat of Bellroc and Skrael, as the latter two were now on the search for her so they can take her captive and force her to open the Genesis Seals alongside them and reduce the universe, their own creation, to nothingness.
    • She told the Guardians of Arcadia a clue to stopping the Arcane Order once and for all, telling them about a device known as the Khronisfere, that time is like a flower, and that only the Trollhunter, Jim Lake Jr., will know when to use it.
  • She helps her friends get out of the police department when they were arrested by having a plant grow big enough to stop the police guards from attempting to stop them.
    • This isn't an immoral choice at all, as they were trying to stop Skrael and Bellroc and they were putting the world at risk if they didn't escape.
  • Though she eventually helped Bellroc and Skrael to destroy the universe and remake the world with the Earth Titan, and also killed Nomura when she tried to stop her, it was only because of her being put under a mind-control spell by Bellroc, ultimately making this Bellroc's doing and not Nari's. She feels immense remorse for what she's done under Bellroc's brainwashing, and ultimately makes up for it by:
    1. Reminding Jim about the clue she told the Guardians earlier involving the Khronisfere and the Trollhunter. While Jim ends up using it to go back in time so Toby can be the Trollhunter and thus, risk the universe being put in danger after the Arcane Order's defeat because he couldn't accept Toby's loss, there is no insinuation that this is what Nari intended for him to do, nor what she meant by her clue.
    2. Battling Skrael at Arcadia National Park to stop him from connecting with the Heartstone so he can remake the world he wants it, as an icy, uninhabitable wasteland.
    3. Saving a school bus with a coach and many students inside during said battle, and only killing Skrael when he used the Ice Titan to puncture through the Earth Titan and kill her first, and after she saw that the Arcane Order were irredeemably evil.


  • Out of all the original members of the Arcane Order, Nari is the only one who is Pure Good, which is a stark contrast to Bellroc and Skrael being Pure Evil.

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