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Nausicaä is a warrior princess and the titular main protagonist of the anime film and manga, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

She is voiced by Sumi Shimamoto in Japanese and Alison Lohman in English.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • She is overall a very caring Princess for the people of the Valley of the Wind. She's a kind-hearted young girl who has a deep love and respect for everyone around her.
  • She loves animals deeply and even saved baby Ohmu as a child. She was also greatly upset when her father took it away to presumably be killed (even though it was later revealed to have been released instead). She also owns a pet fox squirrel (who she adopted after he was rescued from the insects of the Sea of the Decay by Lord Yupa) named Teto who she takes good care of and loves deeply.
  • She's incredibly courageous and determined to anything that she puts her mind to. She never gives up on any task that she's set to complete (especially when it involves saving or protecting someone else), even when it proves to be big enough to put her own life on the line.
  • After confronting the Dorok soldiers who had captured the Ohmu larvae, she demanded for them to release the creature on an island in the acid lake. Nausicaä afterward communicated with the Ohmu and tried to comfort it after it was released from it's initial kidnappers.
  • She befriended the Pejite prince, Asbel, in spite of him being part of a force that was the archenemy of her own people, after she had saved his life.
  • On top of saving Prince Asbel, she also attempted to do the same with his sister Lastelle. But she sadly passed away in spite of Nausicaa's best efforts to help her.
  • She eventually proved how much she truly cared about her people by sacrificing her own life to save those of the Valley of the Wind when an Ohmu stampede threatened the Valley. Her compassion even led to the insects resurrecting her after her initial death.

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