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Olie Polie is the eponymous protagonist of William Joyce's Rolie Polie Olie, both the book series and the television program based on it.


Olie is a cheerful young robot and eldest child of the Polie family from on Planet Polie. He loves going an adventures, mainly with his friends and family, and often learns life lessons on the way. Olie also enjoys playing ball, roller skating, and helping his dad Percy with his elaborate, often wacky, inventions.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • In "Tooth on the Loose", he and Spot caught Pappy's runaway dentures, as well as in the season 3 premiere, "Gotcha!".
  • He and the rest of the family took care of Chili the fridge after she caught a cold.
  • He turned Pappy back to normal after he was turned into a V2 robot in "V2 Pappy".
  • In "Cutie Go Bye-Bye", he searched for and recovered Zowie's doll Cutie-Cries-a-Lot and brought it back to her after the toy went missing.
  • When he mistakingly believed that the note he was given at school was about something bad he did in "Olie's Note", he tried his best to be on his best behavior (before relaizing that it was actually an invitation to a fair).
  • When one of his father's inventions ended up causing Spot to grow to sizable proportions, he and the others tried to stop him from causing destruction to the city while in his gigantic form and brought him back to normal size.
  • He helped his father turn them both back to normal size after they were both shrunk.
  • He and his friends built a scare zone for Halloween.
  • He and Zowie asked Klanky Klaus to fix Pappy's favorite start ornament after Zowie accidently broke it, both of them knowing how much it meant to him.
  • He helped his family start a garage sale to get rid of whatever they didn't need in the garage due to Coupy the Car not being able to fit into it anymore.
  • He and Billy tried to teach Binky some new words in "Baby Talk".
  • He confessed to his family over having lied to them when he didn't want to eat brussel sprouts in "The Lie".
  • He helped his family turn their backyard into a skating rink on a hot day.
  • In the series' first TV movie, "The Great Defender of Fun", he helped influence Gloomius Maximus to redeem himself by shooting a plethora of bubbles at him using his super silly ray. Which led to him being able to smile and feel happy for the first time, along with his Baddies.
  • He and the others accepted a redeemed Gloomius at the end of The Great Defender of Fun.
  • He, along with Billy and Aunt Polie-Anna, searched for and recovered the lost pieces of Billy's board game in the season 6 episode, "Puzzle Planet".
  • He and his family felt great remorse over realizing how they upset Mr. Sunny by forgetting to thank him when he helped them and thanked him for his help afterwards. And even before realizing their mistake, and and the others still tried to cheer him up when they saw that he was feeling blue.
  • In the second movie, The Baby Bot Chase, he used Gloomius Maximus' ship to rescue Coochie and Coo after they escape from the mothership.

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