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Oliver Fletcher Foxworth (simply known as Oliver) is the titular main protagonist of Disney's 27th full-length animated feature film Oliver & Company.

He is an orphaned kitten who is first seen in a box with other kittens who need homes. He would eventually find himself with both a group of homeless dogs and a young rich girl named Jenny, and Oliver is conflicted on who to stay with.

He was voiced by Joey Lawrence.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Oliver is constantly supportive of anyone in need of help, assisting Dodger when trying to steal Hot Dogs, and assisting the gang trying to collect money.
  • However, Oliver only supports the gang when he feels like they are doing something moral, showing hesitation when the gang is performing criminal actions.
  • He stands up to Desoto when Desoto intimidates the gang.
  • He is kind to everyone he meets, even those who dislike him or any of his loved ones such as Jenny.
  • He forgives Fagin and after Fagin kidnaps Oliver and holds him for ransom.
  • He is willing to give his life to save Jenny.
    • He saved Dodger from Desoto when Desoto tried to kill Dodger.
    • His defining moment is jumping onto Sykes car so Sykes could let go of Jenny. Even though it could have killed him.

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