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"My name's Olivia! You'd probably like to know a lot more about me and why I was trapped like that, huh?"

"May all of the origami folded by my brother be undone!"
   –Olivia making her wish to restore the kingdom

Olivia is Mario's traveling companion in Paper Mario: The Origami King who plays a similar role as Kersti from Sticker Star and Huey from Color Splash.

She is the younger sister of King Olly, who is the main villain in the game and she journeys with Mario to eliminate the five colorful streamers that block the entrance to Peach's Castle in order to put an end to Olly's plans. She is very easy-going, naive, and cheerful with a mindset of a child who is easily excited when experiencing something new and capable of making friends with everyone including Bowser and his minions.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Unlike King Olly who harbors a strong hatred for flat paper and Toads and desires to fold them into origami against their will and erase the existence of the latter, Olivia is the polar opposite as she believes that flat paper and folded can live together peacefully which was her motivation to stop her brother, and the only origami to possess a free will despite being created by a villain.
  • Olivia is considerate as she was willing to hold on to Luigi's hat so Mario can remember him by when she thinks that he didn't make it, though Luigi is actually alive and well.
  • Olivia developed a close bond to Bob-omb (a.k.a. Bobby) and when he sacrifices himself to save her from a giant boulder, she mourns his death which she shows that she cares for him; she doesn't as just any Bob-omb, she sees him as a best friend.
  • Olivia is one of the few people to actually have the most positive friendship with Bowser, who also returns his rare share of kindness, despite the fact that the latter was a villain who had to side with Mario to counter the crisis.
    • Furthermore, during the battle against King Olly even when she folds Bowser into origami, she lets him keep his free will and did so in order for Bowser to gain the benefits of King Olly's origami-exclusive magic to push him off the ring.
  • Olivia made multiple (though failed) attempts at calling King Olly out of his ways and was eventually forced to fight him alongside Mario and ends up wounding him mortally, and was remorseful when she realized that she went too far. She reads the message on Olly's robe (which the latter mistook as gibberish vandalism) that he was meant to be a benevolent wise king, and at her deceased brother's request, she folds his body into the 1,000th crane and makes a wish to restore the Mushroom Kingdom to normal, resulting in her own death.


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