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We are not so different, are we? We are compatible?
~ P.I.X.A.L. confessing her feelings to Zane before her death.
Now would be a good time to make a minor confession, I am Samurai X.
~ P.I.X.A.L. revealing she was Samurai X all along.

P.I.X.A.L., also known as Samurai X, is a major character in the Ninjago franchise. She was the assistant of the genius businessmen and architect of New Ninjago City, Cyrus Borg, who fell in love with Zane after meeting him and quit being Borg’s assistant to join the ninja in their adventures and protect Ninjago, eventually becoming the new Samurai X after Nya became the Water Ninja. She is the girlfriend of Zane.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

Season 3

  • She gave the ninja, Nya, Wu, and their students a tour of Borg Tower, explaining the technological advancements that turned Ninjago City into New Ninjago City and apologized for their bus crash when coming to Borg Tower, having their bus repaired and informing the ninja Borg wanted to see them on the top floor while she gave the others the rest of the tour.
  • Upon being freed from the Overlord’s control by Zane, she told the ninja how the Techno blades were the key to defeat the Overlord by rebooting the system and warned the ninja about the Nindroids that followed her, going with the four ninja to shut down the power and keep the Techno blades away from the Overlord.
  • She repaired Zane following the ninja’s fight with the Nindroids and told him he didn’t need to thank her and apologized for trying to observe his unique power source when it caused him pain when she touched it.
  • She lied to the ninja to stay behind while they went to shut down the power to defeat the Overlord and the Nindroids, claiming it was because she wasn’t built to fight but in reality she knew shutting down the power would kill her and she didn’t want Zane to see it as they had mutual feelings for each other.
  • Despite not being built to fight, she risked herself by going to confront the Nindroids and successfully warn the ninja they were coming.
  • She revealed to Zane the real reason why she wanted to stay back after the ninja shut down the power which sadly also mortally wounded her, explaining how their mission was more important than her life and confessing her feelings to Zane which he reciprocated before dying.
  • She was shocked after learning Zane gave up half of his power source to revive her, showing how she values others over herself and shared a romantic moment with him.
  • She saved Zane from being killed by General Cryptor and defeated the Nindroids with him.
  • She discovered the mysterious villain who revived the Overlord and the Nindroids and brainwashed Sensei Wu was a Serpentine, heading back to Ninjago City to find the Serpentine and reuniting with Cryus Borg and restoring power back to Ninjago City.
  • She warned the ninja with Borg that if they died in the Digiverse, they would die in real life and hooked the ninja up into the Digiverse with Borg so they could enter the Digiverse to reboot the system and destroy the Overlord.
  • She saved the ninja from being killed by the Overlord in the Digiverse and got them out of the Digiverse once they rebooted the system and (seemingly) destroyed him.
  • She evacuated Nya, Wu, and Garmadon from Borg Tower after Pythor and the Overlord took over the building, calling up and piloting a jet to escape.
  • She and Zane intercepted a message about a convoy for the mysterious Project Arcturus project Pythor was working on and she contacted Kai to lead him to intercept the convoy, repeatedly reminding Kai not to be careless and summoning the other ninja to go rescue Kai once he had been captured and stop the Overlord who had survived and Project Arcturus had been revealed to be a rocket to get the golden weapons so the Overlord could become the Golden Master now that Lloyd sacrificed his powers.
  • She saved the ninja when they were falling into atmosphere by connecting each of them with their mechs.
  • She convinced Zane not to give his Stone armor to her as he was vital to the mission and mourned Zane’s death when he sacrificed himself to defeat the Overlord before discovering he was alive and reuniting with him as he rebuilt himself a new titanium body (although they would both be captured and imprisoned shortly after by Master Chen)

Season 4 - 7

  • She made Zane regain his memory and remember who he was before urging him to escape when he discovered she was scrapped and only had her neural drive left, telling him to leave her and escape to go help his friends and stop Chen, showing her willingness to sacrifice herself for Zane and the ninja. Once Zane inputted her neural drive into him so she could survive, she complimented him and warned him that Clouse was about to knock him out albeit it was too late.
  • She would assist the ninja numerous times as part of Zane’s mind, helping explain things and direct tasks for the ninja.
  • She saved Zane from the Mechanic and Vermillion Warriors by diverting power to his chest to shock them.
  • She built herself a new body and although she stole Nya’s Samurai X suit, it was so she could become the new Samurai X and protect Ninjago as a vigilante since Nya had ascended into becoming the Water Ninja.
  • She saved Lloyd from falling to his death after he lost control and his Elemental Dragon disappeared.
  • She tried to reason with Nya when Nya confronted her and attacked her for taking her suit (as no one knew of P.I.X.A.L’s identity as Samurai X), saving Nya from falling to her death and revealing that she hid her identity as Samurai X as Nya once did to protect the innocent as her allies and loved ones would be at risk if her identity was revealed, which convinced Nya that she deserved to be the new Samurai X. She thanked Nya when Nya decided to give her all her former Samurai X stuff and agreed to Nya’s terms to change her color scheme from red and stop interchanging voices with them leaving on good terms.
  • She saved the ninja and Cyrus Borg from the Vermillion Warriors and got Cyrus Borg up to the Iron Doom so he could input the self-destruct sequence to stop it (although unfortunately Acronix and Krux arrived and were able to defeat them and use the Doom to escape into time itself).
  • Following Wu stranding himself in time and Lloyd becoming a master, she would return to the computer to aid the ninja while also continuing her Samurai X activities in between the time skip of Season 7 and 8.

Oni Trilogy

  • She helped Lloyd try and stop the Sons of Garmadon from stealing the Mask of Hatred and contacted the rest of the team to reunite after a year apart.
  • She as Samurai X stopped members of the Sons of Garmadon from harassing poor kids and reminded the kids to always look out for each other.
  • She ran a trace program to discover the whereabouts of the Quiet One (which would later expose Harumi as the Quiet One).
  • She warned the ninja about a foreign agent taking over her system as a trap by the Sons of Garmadon and revealed her identity as Samurai X before getting brainwashed. Once the foreign agent was purged from her system, she regained control of herself and reunited with Zane and the other ninja, telling Zane she kept her identity a secret to protect those she cared about and also comedically as Zane points, she didn’t want to be stuck in his head before hugging him and agreeing to no more secrets between them.
  • She convinced Zane that they should fix the Bounty and the comm link to go after Lloyd and Harumi instead of getting lost in the jungle and remorsefully acknowledged when Nya found the Samurai X suit that it was Nya’s suit even though Nya said it was okay and it was P.I.X.A.L’s now.
  • She confessed to Zane how she wanted to be a useful member of the team and was willing to go back into the computer if he required her assistance in the headset even though she liked having a body before Zane told her how it was always her choice and made her regain her confidence as they renewed their promise to be honest with each other.
  • She held off the Sons of Garmadon so the ninja could try and get the Bounty online to escape.
  • She helped direct Kai to pick up the ninja underwater to go to the Temple of Resurrection to stop Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon from resurrecting the evil spirit of Garmadon and stayed behind to babysit a baby Master Wu.
  • She held off Garmadon’s Colossus while the original four ninja went to get the Bounty and picked up Lloyd with Nya and Misako following the other ninja’s (seeming) death and Garmadon and Harumi’s successful conquest of Ninjago
  • She helped train Lloyd after he lost his elemental power and encouraged him with Nya to not give up.
  • She stopped the Sons of Garmadon from stealing her suit when they ambushed the Resistance’s headquarters and saved Lloyd, Nya, Skylor, and Darreth in the Battle Wagon from being crushed to death by Garmadon’s Colossus by distracting him long enough for them to escape although she was captured in the process.
  • She broke out of Kryptarium Prison with the rest of the ninja’s allies and helped them take down Garmadon’s Colossus, reuniting with Zane and celebrating with everyone following the defeat of Garmadon by Lloyd.
  • She volunteered herself to stay behind to pick up Lloyd and Garmadon when they went to destroy the Realm Crystal to stop the Oni darkness while the others go rescue the survivors from NGTV News and saved Lloyd and Garmadon from the Oni.
  • Following the defeat of the Oni and before the next season, she built a hangar bay in the monastery and constructed numerous new vehicles for the ninja.

Season 11

  • Unlike the ninja, she didn’t become complacent or lazy following the defeat of the Oni and instead remained hard at work renovating the monastery.
  • She convinced Master Wu that the ninja going on a quest was a good opportunity to test the new vehicles, showing the ninja the hangar bay and vehicles she constructed before instructing them to thoroughly read the manuals (although they didn’t listen and just left with the vehicles.
  • She protected Ninjago City from Aspheera and her forces when they attacked.
  • She rescued the ninja from the collapsing pyramid they were on and informed them of Aspheera’s attack on Ninjago City, getting them all back to Ninjago City to stop her.
  • She fought off Aspheera’s forces using the defenses of the monastery she built and had Kai, Jay, and Cole help her finish building a mech to battle Aspheera with.
  • She saved Wu, Jay, Cole, and Kai from Aspheera and was obviously horrified when she (seemingly) killed Zane using the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. However, once it was revealed that Zane was alive but banished in the Never-Realm, she remorsefully fought a scroll possessed Wu with the other ninja so they could go rescue Zane and used the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to send the ninja there before realizing from Wu that the ninja were stuck there and that he lied about being able to return from the Never-Realm so he could go alone as he believed it was all his fault, but together they worked to try and open a portal to the Never-Realm using the Traveler’s tea.
  • She captured Ultra-Violet, the Mechanic, and Fugi-Dove when they tried to escape Kryptarium Prison and returned them back to the prison.
  • She returned the beavers back to their realm of origin when they flooded into the monastery and saved Master Wu after he accidentally opened a portal to the Departed Realm and the Preeminent broke through.
  • She repeatedly tried to reason with the Preeminent to stop her rampage and nearly sacrificed herself to defeat the Preeminent by causing a power overload, saving Ninjago and returning the Preeminent back to the Departed Realm. She also remained humble when everyone thanked and praised and assured Master Wu that the ninja would find a way back home.
  • She alerted Master Wu that a portal was opening in the monastery and realized it was the ninja, happily reuniting with all of them, especially Zane.

Season 12 and The Island

  • She escorted Cyrus Borg out of Borg Tower with Zane to escape from the Mechanic and his forces before going out to track down Milton Dyer.
  • She helped investigate Dyer’s whereabouts with Zane and Master Wu by talking to Dyer’s mom, getting a photo of Dyer and one of his friends to track down the latter and she thanked Dyer’s mom for her help.
  • She tracked down Dyer’s friend to Laughy’s Karaoke club and defeated a group of thugs there and saved Zane along with discovering from Dyer’s friend Tony that Dyer often went to Buddy’s Pizza for inspiration as it was where he created his first video game and traveled there to investigate and tried to stop Zane from getting captured by the Mechanic.
  • She found Milton Dyer and learned from him that he wasn’t Unagami but Unagami was the A.I in the game and the original name for it and figured out that the A.I had completed programming itself to launch Prime Empire and kidnap players.
  • She convinced Milton Dyer that robots/A.I like Unagami or herself could have emotions and free will and inspired him to help stop Unagami and save Ninjago City.
  • She saved Zane with Jay and escorted Milton Dyer with him and Master Wu so he could reconcile with Unagami and free everyone from the energy cubes.
  • She explained what and where the storm belt region where Misako and Clutch Power’s expedition got lost trying to find an uncharted island was and identified the only person to emerge from the storm belt called Timothy Batterson and readied the Bounty to take the ninja. She deployed the catamarans so the ninja and Timothy could get to the island while staying behind on the Bounty, later deploying the jungle chopper vehicles so the ninja could traverse the island.

Season 14

  • She went out to save sailors from an octopus with Zane, trying to reason with the octopus and identifying an energy pulse from the deepest part of the ocean called the Tartarus Trench as the reason why the octopus was agitated and why Nya’s water powers were in flux, informing the rest of the team about it.
  • She readied the Hydro-Bounty submarine she created so she, Zane, Nya, Jay, Nya’s mom Maya and Lloyd could go to the trench and discover what was causing the energy pulse.
  • She had Nya and Maya use the APS suits she created to go to the trench and find the source of the energy pulse so they could use it to recharge the battery after the Bounty was shot down.
  • She launched the Hydro-Bounty so everyone could escape from the Merlopians after the surface-hating Prince Kalmaar (who was the source of the energy pulse by trying to awaken the sea serpent Wojira) murdered his father King Trimaar and seized control of the kingdom to declare war on the surface. She launched counter measures to save everyone from the Merlopian’s target locked torpedoes and successfully piloted the Bounty to escape.
  • She piloted the Hydro-Bounty to the Island of the Keepers so the team could get the Storm amulet to prevent Kalmaar from seizing it and contacted Cole after they realized the amulet was stolen by Clutch Powers and taken to Ninjago City.
  • She tried to repair the Hydro-Bounty when Kalmaar destroyed the controls and later tied it with everyone to the whales Nya summoned using her powers so they could head back to Ninjago City and stop Kalmaar.
  • She created submersible combat vehicles for the ninja and issued an evacuation alert of Ninjago in preparation for Kalmaar’s attack after he successfully awoke Wojira.
  • She rescued the people of Ninjago City with Master Wu using the Bounty and got everyone to hide in the Ninjago News Center and trick Kalmaar into thinking they were still on the Bounty on Master Wu’s suggestion.
  • She honored Nya with the ninja at her memorial after she sacrificed herself to save the world and defeat Kalmaar and Wojira.


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