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Paper Mario is the main titular protagonist of the same name series.

He is a paper form of Mario, based on his appearances who came out of a magical book in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Mario has twice rejected his chances to side with two of the most dangerous villains, the Shadow Queen and Dimentio, who try to destroy the world, and fought to save his world and the multiverse.
  • He is capable of forming friendships with everyone which even included his enemies when faced with a common threat.
  • He frequently goes out of his way to help others on his quests, even when they're not directly tied to his main mission. A good example of this is in The Thousand Year Door when even after Doopliss steals his identity and appearance, leaving him as a nameless shadow, he still stops to help Vivian find an important item she had lost depsite the fact she was with the Shadow Sirens and initially was his enemy. This act of kindness and the way he subsequently treated her, in stark contrast with the abusive way her older sister Beldham treated her, led to her redeeming herself and joining Mario's side.
  • He refused to kill Count Bleck when he had him at his mercy, so Tippi is given time to reform him and do the right thing.
  • He revives Kersti, even though she had been rude and bossy towards him.
  • Restores all the Toads by giving their color back, as well as Prisma Island, and unfolding them from their origami forms.
  • Mario is very sensible and would console Olivia when she mourned Bobby's death, and proceeds to cheer her up at Bobby's spirit's advice, so they can continue their journey to destroy the streamers that block the entrance to Peach's Castle.
  • He had to defeat King Olly after the latter rejected a chance at redemption several times, prior to being injured beyond repair by Olivia's hammer form that he used. Olly had redeemed himself in the end, but he does not survive.


  • There are options where Mario can join the Shadow Queen and Dimentio, but since both can cause a Game Over, there is no continuity following these outcomes and that the player must refuse them to battle them complete the game; that said, it doesn't count against Mario's moral stance.

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