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I can't believe I got kidnapped... again.
~ Paper Princess Peach
No, I can't do that. You have been very, very bad, but I can't leave you here to die. I don't know how you were raised, but I was taught to help people in need!
~ Princess Peach saving Mimi

Paper Princess Peach, or simply Paper Peach, is the tritagonist of the Paper Mario series. While she is normally portrayed as a damsel in distress in several games, Princess Peach has taken up a more active role in some of the games. She is capable of using her parasol to float downwards safely when falling from high heights and getting across large gaps.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Even while imprisoned in her own castle and in the X-Naut Fortress, Princess Peach makes the most of her time in captivity to acquire enemy information to send to Mario, by through the use of Twink in the first game, and TEC in the second game.
  • Despite being used as the Shadow Queen's vessel, she manages to briefly regain control of her body, which played a big part in helping Mario and his allies turn the tables and defeat her, and thereby saving the world.
  • She was responsible for reforming TEC and Mimi and saved the latter from falling to her death despite Mimi previously acting rude, spiteful and condescending to her.
  • She was determined to save the multiverse from the Void and joins with Mario and Tippi (later Bowser and Luigi), in their quest to stop Count Bleck and his minions from carrying out their plans, and played a big part in stopping both him, and later, Dimentio, from using the Chaos Heart to destroy all worlds.
  • Even when she is possessed by the Shadow Queen and brainwashed twice; by Nastasia into giving her vows to Bowser to bring out the Chaos Heart, and by King Olly by being turned into a Folded Soldier, Peach's personality never changes and remains a heroine.

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