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Peeta Mellark is the deuteragonist of the novel series and subsequent movie adaptations, The Hunger Games. He is a male tribute in District 12 who enters the Hunger Games in two consecutive years.

He is portrayed by Josh Hutcherson, who also voiced Nod in Epic, and portrayed Sean Anderson in The Journey series.



Peeta possesses a very likable and charismatic personality. He cares very deeply about the people around him, constantly going out of his way to ensure the safety of the people he loves and risking his life to protect them. Katniss has described him as sweet and gentle multiple times. His charisma also makes him a very talented public speaker who knows very well how to charm other people and increase the standing of both himself and Katniss, something that would end up saving them thanks to the Sponsors they received during their first Hunger Games.

Power and Abilities

Though Peeta is not adept at fighting, he still possesses above-average strength, being able to lift hundred-pound bags of flour over his head with ease, something that gives him an edge in close-combat. Because of the time spent working at his parent's bakery decorating cakes, Peeta is adept at art and camouflaging himself, something that allowed him to hide when he was grievously injured in his first Hunger Games. In The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide, his weapons are shown to be Camouflage, Strength, and Spear, indicating he's quite good with spears too.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Despite his harsh upbringing, Peeta remained a kind-hearted, pacifistic individual who only wanted to protect the people he loved.
  • When he saw Katniss starving outside, he purposefully burnt some bread despite knowing his mother would severely beat him for it, using it as an excuse to feed it to the pigs and instead giving it to Katniss, saving her and her family from starvation.
    • This would give Katniss the inspiration to step up and hunt in order to provide for her family.
  • When the Games first start, Peeta distracts Katniss from going to the Cornucopia and getting herself killed trying to get the bow, instead fleeing into the forest.
  • He joins the Careers in order to protect Katniss.
  • When the Careers don't hear the cannon fire after having fatally wounded a tribute from District 8 and argue about who'll finish her off, Peeta decides to do it himself, and while it's unseen, it's more than likely that he either sat with her in her last moments or gave her a mercy kill, saving her from the more cruel and sadistic death the other Careers would've likely dealt her.
  • When the Careers find Katniss and make a campfire to wait her out after she climbed up a tree, Peeta stayed up the entire night underneath the tree out of devotion to Katniss.
  • After the Tracker Jacker attack that forced the Careers to flee, Peeta returns and warns Katniss to run before Cato arrives, and as a result, Cato hears this and slashes his thigh.
  • When Katniss prepares to go to the Feast to get supplies to fix Peeta, he urges her not to go, not wanting Katniss to risk her life for his sake.
  • When Seneca Crane announces that only one winner can remain, Peeta tells Katniss to kill him so she can win the Games.
  • Despite being jealous of Gale's close relationship with Katniss, he doesn't let that jealousy consume him. Though they're not truly friends, Peeta still treats him cordially and respectfully, and helps him when he is brutally whipped by Romulus Thread, stepping in to try and stand Romulus down and assisting Katniss in nursing Gale back to health.
  • Though his relationship with Katniss becomes cold and distant due to Katniss admitting she faked her feelings during the Games, he still makes an effort to create a genuine friendship with Katniss and openly admits it's not fair of him to demand Katniss return his affections, being considerate of her feelings.
  • While on the Victory Tour, when Katniss wakes up from her nightmares screaming, Peeta holds her every night while she sleeps to comfort her.
  • When they arrive at District 11, Peeta gives Thresh and Rue's families a month of their earnings every year.
  • When Haymitch is selected as the tribute for the Quarter Quell, Peeta instantly volunteers as a tribute to protect both Haymitch and Katniss.
  • Though he loves her, Peeta still expresses a willingness to allow Katniss to be with Gale since she holds feelings for the latter, willing to sacrifice his chance of happiness with her so long as Katniss was happy.
  • During his interview, announces that Katniss is "pregnant" in an attempt to call off the Hunger Games and save the lives of all the tributes.
  • After the Quarter Quell begins, when a tribute from District 6 jumps in to save Peeta from a monkey muttation, he comforts the tribute in her final moments by telling her about his paintings and colors.
  • Feels greatly indebted to the District 6 tribute and guilty about her death since he didn't even know she was.
  • When Peeta is alone with Katniss, assuming that Haymitch made some sort of deal with Haymitch to protect Peeta, urges Katniss to remember that she has people who depend on her to live, giving her a pearl and a locket with a picture of Gale, Prim and her mother.
  • Though Peeta does kill Brutus during the Quarter Quell after having seen him kill Chaff, Haymitch's friend from District 11, it was mostly done out of necessity and due to the nature of the Hunger Games, not true vengeance, and it's implied by Peeta in a later interview with Caesar Flickerman that he feels tremendous guilt for having killed him.
  • After having been captured, during a forced interview with Caesar Flickerman, he warns Katniss of the incoming bombardment of District 13 by the Capitol, risking his life and safety to protect them. This warning gave District 13 vital time in evacuating the civilians to the bomb shelters and saved many lives.
  • Though Peeta attempts to choke Katniss to death and experiences violent episodes that cause him to lash out at others, this is only because of the hijacking done to his mind by the Capitol to hardwire his brain into believing Katniss is a mutt designed by the Capitol and responsible for the destruction of District 12.
  • When he experiences another episode during the mission to eliminate Snow and gets Mitchell killed, Peeta is so mortified by his actions that he begs Katniss to kill him out of guilt and fear of hurting anyone else.
  • In spite of the horrendous psychological torture he underwent, he refuses to support a final Hunger Games using children from the Capitol, revolted by such a suggestion and showing he doesn't hold any hatred for the citizens of the Capitol and still views them as people.
  • After Katniss kills Coin and prepares to eat a Nightlock pill, Peeta stops her from committing suicide.
  • He helps Katniss slowly recover from the psychological trauma of the Hunger Games and the deaths of her loved ones, allowing her to regain hope and live her life again.
  • He serves as a supportive emotional figure for Katniss, constantly showing her love and comfort when she needs it, helping her to retain her kindness and not allow herself to be consumed by hatred towards the Capitol.


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