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Oh, d-d-d-dear!
~ Piglet's catchphrase
I may be small, but in the biggest helpfullest way!
~ Piglet in his own movie.

Piglet is the tritagonist of the Winnie the Pooh franchise.

He is one of Pooh's best friend. Despite being a "very small animal" who is often times afraid of many things, he has shown himself to be brave at times, and able to conquer his fears in order to help his friends.

He was voiced by the late John Fiedler, and by Travis Oates and Nick Mohammad following Fiedler's death.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • On numerous occasions, Piglet has overcome his fears to help his friends.
    • He saved Pooh when he was attacked by a giant carrot monster (really a carrot costume Tigger had discarded).
    • He saved his friends from being scared by "Spookables" by using a large, scarecrow-like machine to scare them off.
  • He helped various ants, from freeing one caught in a spider's web, to helping them receive an apple on a tree.
  • In a play, he reached out to Nasty Jack and offered him the role of Sheriff, something Jack always wanted to be in life, and in turn, Jack chases away his gang.
  • In "Piglet's Big Movie", he saves his friends from falling over a waterfall.
  • In "Piglet's Big Game", he travels into his friends' dreams in order to help them with various problems they had while they were awake, albeit more elaborate and complex in their own dream worlds.
    • He also saves them later in the game from being scared by Heffalumps, Woozles, and the Granosaurus.
  • His actions by no means make him standard as he has none of Rabbit's jerkishness, Owl's narcissism, or Tigger's insensitivity. He is considerably likeable, humble, and sensitive by comparison.

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