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Sorry to keep you waiting!
~ Pit's first line in Uprising, and his most famous quote.
I fight for all creatures living and breathing! I fight for all departed souls still hanging in limbo! But most of all, I fight for Lady Palutena, the goddess of light! And it's in all their names that I will crush you, lord of the Underworld! I won't let you desecrate another soul!
~ Pit's final speech to Hades before blasting him with the Final Strike.

Pit is the main protagonist of the Kid Icarus series. Although he is an angel, he cannot fly by himself due to an incident in the past where he flew too close to the sun. He fights under the goddess of light Palutena and cares deeply for mankind. Apparently, though, he can't read. Pit has fought against many underworld enemies, including Medusa and Hades (though he needed special weapons to defeat them both).

He was voiced by Antony Del Rio in English and Minami Takayama in Japanese.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Though dim-witted, he has the personality of a Pure Good, being kind, peppy, honorable and having a ripe sense of humor.
  • Though he can be at times overconfident, he is never arrogant, obnoxious or rude.
  • He is genuinely and deeply loyal to Palutena, and respects her unconditionally and absolutely.
  • He is completely dedicated to his job of protecting humanity, and carries it out effectively.
  • In the Subspace Emissary; though technically non-canon, he helps Mario and the others to defeat Tabuu from destroying the world and recreating it in Subspace.
  • Eagerly jumps to the call when he learns the Underworld Army is attacking.
  • Has defeated countless members of the Underworld Army, even generals like Twinbellows, Hewdraw and Thanatos.
  • Defeated Medusa when she was thought to have been the true villain, with the intention of putting an end to the war.
  • Put a stop to Viridi and the Forces of Nature.
  • Was instrumental in stopping the invasion of the Aurum aliens.
  • After being out of commission for three years due to being trapped in the Ring of Chaos, he jumps right back into the fray and moves to fight the Chaos Kin.
  • When the Chaos Kin makes one final bid to take Dark Pit with it, causing him to fall, Pit demands to be allowed to use the Power of Flight, despite knowing this would be dangerous to him, and against Viridi's protests. Sure enough, doing so ends up burning his wings up, but also allows him to save Dark Pit.
  • Defeated Hades once and for all, putting an end to the war for real.


  • He is one of the only two Pure Goods in the Kid Icarus franchise, the other being Palutena.

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