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~ Po's catchphrase.
Am I the son of a Panda? The son of a Goose? A student? A teacher? Turns out I'm all of them. I am the Dragon Warrior! Get it? See the giant dragon? Ha ha ha haaa! Get ready to feel the thunder. THIS IS AWESOME!
~ Po confronting Kai in the Spirit Realm

Master Po Ping (born as Lotus Shan) is the titular main protagonist of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. He is the Dragon Warrior and one of Master Shifu's students, Mr. Ping's adoptive son, and Li Shan's and his unnamed wife's biological son.

He was voiced by Jack Black.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

Kung Fu Panda

  • He is friendly to his friends and family, and doesn't hold any animosity towards Shifu or the other Furious Five for their initial mistreatment of him.
  • He doesn't allow Shifu's blatant attempts to get rid of him and the excessively difficult training he undergoes to shake his resolve, refusing to quit.
  • He is shown to have some moments of being very comedic, like when he makes the Furious Five laugh by imitating Shifu after he drinks a bowl of noodle soup which makes him have a noodle mustache.
  • When fighting Tai Lung, upon seeing the Dragon Scroll was blank, Po tries to explain to him that the scroll's meaning is that the secret to kung fu is the special quality that each individual brings to it, hoping that Tai lung would redeem.
  • He defeats Tai Lung by using the Wuxi Finger Hold only after he had refused to change and couldn't understand the scroll's meaning.
    • He would later felt remorse doing so once he found out that Peng is Tai Lung's nephew. Also, while he still feels guilty, he tries to explain his actions, even during his argument/fight with Peng.

Kung Fu Panda 2

  • He fought wolves who were stealing metal for Shen's cannons.
  • He stops Shen from conquering all of China via finding inner peace and overcoming the pain of his past.
  • He forgives Shen for all the pain he caused him and tries to make him understand that the pain from the past isn't what defines a person, but rather who you choose to be now, giving Shen the chance to redeem himself, which sadly, Shen doesn't accept.

Kung Fu Panda 3

  • He uses the Wuxi Finger Hold on himself in order to send Kai the Collector to the Spirit Realm, nearly sacrificing himself to save Tigress, his dads, and his fellow pandas.
  • He defeats Kai by overloading him with chi, which was completely necessary since he had proven himself to be both dangerous and irredeemable and that he has to be stopped for good.

Legends of Awesomeness

  • In the series Legends of Awesomeness, while he does gain corrupting factors like letting his selfish nature create flaws and mistakes, he always fixes them and becomes a better person. For example, during his encounter with the demon dragon Ke-Pa, he failed to evacuate the villagers and went to fight Ke-Pa alone because he thought he could handle him and he didn't really know what he was up against. In the end, he kills Ke-Pa using the Hero’s Chi since he knows there is no other way Ke-Pa can be defeated, is impossible to be redeemed and was about to kill him and then destroy the Valley of Peace.
    • Another example is when he tries to convince Peng to give up the Amulet and not let the power it gives him corrupt himself into becoming like his uncle, Tai Lung.
    • Another example is he risk his life to save a young pig's doll that contain a mystical dagger. In addition, he instead saved the doll like he promised and let the dagger fell to be lost.
    • Another example is Po tried to repeatedly help the retired (and currently) short tempered General Tsin into becoming the hero he once was. In addition, Po often resorts to talking things out with him instead of fighting, but he was always interrupted or things always made Po look bad when he did try. He eventually tried to help cure the general’s madness and reform him when China was invaded by alien parasites.
    • Another example is when he stops a coup against his good friend, Lu Kang, that was instigated by Pang Bing, who also planned to brainwash China because of what the previous ruler did. He also motivated some of his own enemies to do the right thing for once and try to convince Pang Bing that the people who were mean to her are not even around and the world changed.

The Paws of Destiny

  • In the sequel series The Paws of Destiny, he trained the new Four Constellations in Kung Fu.
    • While he was reluctant to train the kids, this was due to the fact he didn't know what they were capable of, and when they did try to explain to him what happened they all talked at once (making him confused) and demanded him to train them. He also forgot how hopeless he was compare to the 4 kids when he started out.
    • Sacrifices himself, again, to bring Jindiao to the Spirit Realm.
    • Consoled Xiao on the loss of her father.
    • Assisted in the defeats of the White Bone Demon.
    • Encourage one of the Four Constellations, Jing, to keep fighting after she severely injured an "innocent" bunny working in the Imperial Palace she thought was an enemy.
    • Taught Bao to be a little humble to his teammates.


  • Po and Viper are the only Kung Fu Panda heroes to be Pure Good.

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