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Preston Garvey is a major character in Fallout 4. He is a senior officer and the unofficial leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen until the Sole Survivor chooses to become the Minutemen's General.

Originally enlisting into the Minutemen at the age of seventeen, Preston Garvey saw success working for the volunteer group, but after receiving a call for help originating from the town of Quincy. The battle turned out to be a trap set up by the Gunners, led by a turncoat member named Clint. Though Preston Garvey and nineteen others survived the attack, they were forced to flee to Concord.

Despite this setback, Preston Garvey hoped that one day the Minutemen would one day be revived, that hope would become reality then the Sole Survivor came to the Minutemen's aide when they were penned in the Museum of Freedom.

What makes him Pure Good?

  • Preston Garvey believes that the Minutemen are the best hope to reunite the Commonwealth in their common struggle to fight off evil fractions, most notably Raiders, Gunners, and the Institute.
  • Preston Garvey is never racist, arrogant, nor self-centered, is believes that all non-hostile races can co-exist so long as they unite together as an entire Commonwealth.
  • He is rarely lethal, and only kills in self-defense against hostile species and fractions.
  • He and the Sole Survivor retake the Castle from Mirelurks in order to establish a Radio station to broadcast a hotline for help across the Commonwealth.
  • Should the Sole Survivor choose to have the Minutemen infiltrate the Institute and destroy its research in forcing the human population into retreating underground and potentially replacing them with synth replicas;
  • He desires to minimize casualties in the destruction of the Institute, so he asks the Sole Survivor to broadcast an emergency evacuation order to the Institute personnel to flee to safety from the Institute.
    • Likewise, he also more or less supports the idea of the Railroad assisting indirectly in getting most of the synths to escape from the Institute.
  • He encourages the Sole Survivor to spare synth Shaun's life and allow him to escape the Institute with everyone else.
  • After learning the horrible misdeeds that the three Raider fractions are doing to innocents in Nukaworld, he asks the Sole Survivor to free the civilians from their oppression by removing the raiders from the park.

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