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Princess Rosella, also known as Ro, is the main protagonist in the 2007 Barbie film Barbie as The Island Princess. She is the daughter of unnamed king and Queen Marissa, a daughter-in-law of Queen Danielle and King Peter, a wife of Prince Antonio, and a sister-in-law of Princess Gina, Princess Rita, and Princess Sofia.

She was played by Barbie Roberts and voiced by Kelly Sheridan.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • When she is an child, her mother was leaving with her. But since had been shipwrecking on island, she loss her memories which was raised by Azul and Sagi. 10 years later, she is a teenager though having done to meet a baby elephant named Tika, treated her as her loyal friend.
  • During the journey, she meet Prince Antonio in the first time upon her animal friends were fearing the newcomers. To be explore with his partner, Frazer, Antonio falling into the darkpond and facing the crocodiles much scared. She appearing to protect them its okay, having the crocodiles leaving the men alone which they moved out.
  • She and Antonio are takes part of voyage to singing a song "I Need to Know". After all had time to arriving in Apollonia, she introduced to Antonio's sisters, Rina, Gina, and Sofia. She also having her animal friends to introducing them, but Tika, who likes to have fun with the young princesses.
  • When Antonio have her introduced to his parents Danielle and Peter. As his father dislikes Ro's makes plague, Luciana and her mother Ariana were coming to meet Antonio and his family. Rosella know that of them makes Antonio to marry Luciana. However, she also greeting Tallulah, Danielle's pet monkey.
  • She is honest, caring, kind, selfless, and loyal to Tika and her friends and furthering more throughout the movie.
  • She showing up to the greenhouse and offered the fruits to Tallulah, thereupon is they were watching all the plants with nature effect.
  • She learning Tallulah how to training climbing the tree, and they gets noticed by Antonio and Peter, who were in the pig farm.
  • Although know that Antonio is loving her and not Luciana, she becomes very disappointment to leaving Apollonia due to his wants to be with Luciana, under his made to marry her.
  • She was learned that the sunset herb was the poison which is gained by Ariana and her pet rats, who have the animals be poisoning and falling into asleep. She also know that the tonic was in the greenhouse. Much to afraid, she solving the problems to told everyone about the distresses. Despite telling the king and the queen about the trouble, she ended up sending into the dungeon with misguide, along with her animal friends. While Azul accidentally eating the herb and causing sleep, she wants to taking care for him but with Sagi and Tika, they takes a voyage for island and attacked by the crewmen, falling into water almost be drowned. Upon the dolphins saving them, she and her animal friends are returning to Apollonia and sought the tonic, curing Azul and Tallulah, who previously poisoning by the herb.
  • She later exposed Ariana's plan of poisoning the wedding cakes and taking over Apollonia.
  • She and Tika are chasing Ariana, who tried to escaped with the carriage. However, she using a branch to throwing the carriage and leading Ariana falling into pig pen.
  • Upon Ariana expelled from Apollonia, she reunited with her mother and agrees to marry Antonio with the asked of Luciana and Antonio's family.
  • She sailing on the honeymoon at her island with Antonio and her animal friends.


  • She is the only two Barbie as The Island Princess heroes to be Pure Good, the other being Princess Luciana.

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