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I've been keeping watch over you all this time... I've witnessed your struggles to return to us, as well as your trials in battle. I always thought... no, I always believed... that you would find a way to defeat Ganon. I never lost faith in you over these many years... Thank you, Link... the Hero of Hyrule. May I ask... Do you really remember me?
~ Princess Zelda.

Princess Zelda is the titular deuteragonist in The Legend of Zelda franchise who played a significant role in almost each of the games she appears in. Most of her incarnations usually play the damsel in distress role in the games, but at the same time, she also does her part to aid Link in various ways and at times, she is able to hold her own. She mainly possesses the Triforce of Wisdom, given she is a very wise ruler in the kingdom of Hyrule.


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What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Each incarnation of Princess Zelda has sealed the evil Ganon away several times to save Hyrule.
  • In the original The Legend of Zelda, she broke the Triforce of Wisdom in to 8 pieces to prevent Ganon from obtaining the Triforce and sent Impa to find a hero who was willing to track down the Triforce shards and stand up to him.
  • In Skyward Sword, after discovering her destiny and her real identity, she travelled great distances to purify herself in two different springs with help from Impa before putting herself in an indefinite sleep to keep Demise at bay while Link assembles the Triforce to destroy him for good. Even before that, she frequently stood up to Groose whenever he tried to bully Link.
  • In The Minish Cap, she helped Enzo undo all the damage Vaati did to Hyrule by combining her Light Force energy with the Magic Cap he created that had the power to grant wishes. This allowed her to make a wish that cured all the people cursed by him, returned the castle to normal and erased all the monsters that had been released into Hyrule.
  • In A Link Between Worlds, she felt sorry for Princess Hilda, even after all the latter had done in an effort to preserve Lorule, so she and Link made a wish on Hyrule's Triforce to restore Lorule to save both kingdoms from collapsing.
  • In Ocarina of Time as a child, Princess Zelda had devised a plan with Link to get to the Triforce before Ganondorf could and defeat him, unaware of the consequences it could bring, but it all went wrong and she disguised herself to elude the King of Evil's grasp for seven years awaiting Link's return. Under the disguise of her alter-ego, Sheik, she provided Link with invaluable guidance on where to go and what to do to awaken the Sages that could help him defeat Ganondorf. She also taught him various melodies on the Ocarina of Time that helped him travel to these different locations more quickly, as well as gain access to the Shadow Temple. She was incredibly remorseful over her more careless actions and oversights and later made up for this terrible mistake by sending Link back after sealing Ganon away with the help of the seven Sages.
  • In Twilight Princess, she necessarily surrendered to Zant when he attacked Hyrule Castle with his army of Shadow Beasts, saving the lives of her people until the Twilight was later dispelled by Link and Midna. She later temporarily sacrificed her own life to save Midna's after Zant exposed her to a nearly fatal amount of light.
  • In The Wind Waker, as Tetra, she helped saved Link save his younger sister Aryll and the other girls who were kidnapped by the Helmaroc King, including by providing a distraction for him when he went back to the Forbidden Fortress the second time and bringing them back to their respective families. Among other things, she also gave him advice at various points through her charm, delayed the pirates so that he could retrieve Nayru's Peal from Jabun before they could go after him, and tried to defend him from Ganon by attacking him singlehandedly when he had him at his mercy. Later on, when she awakens as Princess Zelda, she gets kidnapped by Ganon, but plays a big part in defeating him at the end by shooting and stunning him with light arrows, giving Link openings to attack him with the Master Sword. While she initially seemed harsh and somewhat unsympathetic to Link's position, this was later revealed to me more-or-less a front she was putting on, and she really did care about his and his sister's wellbeing. This is especially shown when she she felt responsible for all the hardships that Link and his sister were put through after she awakened, to the point she felt extremely remorseful for all that had happened and gave him a heartfelt apology.
  • In Spirit Tracks, her spirit accompanies Link throughout the game after her body is stolen to revive an ancient demon king named Malladus. She gives him invaluable help at various points, most notably in the dungeons by possessing Phantoms, protecting him and solving puzzles that would be impossible to solve without a second person there to help. At the end, once she gets her body back, she also helps defeat Malladus, saving the world from his rage, as well as forgives Byrne, despite the fact he helped steal her body, by showing concern for his wellbeing.
  • In Breath of the Wild, she threw herself between Link and the Guardians, which in turn, awakens her power that she had been struggling for years to do so, saving Link's life and deactivating all the Guardians in the surrounding area. She then went on to seal Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle for an entire century to keep Hyrule and the rest of the world safe while Link recuperated in the Shrine of Resurrection. She also previously spearheaded the research on the Sheikah Slate and the Divine Beasts, as well as assembled the Champions to fight Ganon, and went on to seal him away at the end. Even at times when she lashed out at Link, since he succeeded at something she could not, it was more due to her insecurities rather than anything truly malicious.
  • In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, she managed to end the fight between Link and Revali.
    • In addition, Princess Zelda rushed back to Link when he was dealing with Astor and the Blight Ganons alone, which had also awakened her power. After defending both strongholds, Zelda takes command of the Hyrulean Army to directly lead an attack on Calamity Ganon with the surviving Champions and her own father. Even after losing Terrako, she pushes forward with the warriors, until they persevered.

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