Pure Good Wiki

When adding a page onto this wiki, the important thing is to make sure that the page follows a general structure.

Note: This page layout guide follows editing in source mode.

Article Header

Pure Good Infobox: At the top of the article, you should add the Pure Good Infobox and fill it with the information on the page.

Quote(s): The quote should be added below the infobox. The use of the quote is optional and not mandatory. Note: you should add only three quotes maximum onto a page.

~ Quote

Introduction Paragraph(s): The introduction for the hero is added. This information should include the name of the hero, the franchise the hero is from, and the role the hero plays in the story. This section could also include a quick summary of the hero.


In this section, it is optional to add information about the hero. Here, you can add information that relates to their status as a pure good hero. Please be sure to not copy information from the Heroes Wiki and to add information about what makes them pure good.



Powers and Abilities


In this section, you provide a summary of the hero’s history in the story.

  • Note: If this section is too long, you can add a link to the history section of the page on the Heroes Wiki.

What Makes Him or Her Pure Good?

In this section you add a list of what makes the hero pure good using the * format. For example:

  • The hero have no corrupting factors.
  • The hero saved many lives.


In this section, you add trivia about the hero. Usually information related to them being pure good. This section is optional.

External Links

A link to the article on the Heroes Wiki. There can be links to other wikis.


In this section, you add a navigation template at the bottom of the page.



  • This page is a general guide on how to structure an article. Do not feel that the article have follow this format completely.
  • Make sure to follow the rules when making a page.
  • Gallery and Quote sections are forbidden.
  • In source mode, a link to the pure good template. You can copy the code and add it onto a page while creating it.