Pure Good Wiki

Here at the Pure Good Wiki, there are a few rules to help contributors and to discourage behavior that goes against the spirit of this wiki.


  1. Vandalism: Any acts of defacing pages, removing large content from pages, blanking pages, adding gibberish or inappropriate material onto the wiki will result with a ban.
  2. Trolls: There is zero-tolerance for trolls. Trolling and disruptive acts will result in a ban.
  3. Do Not Feed Trolls: Do not interact with or bait a troll. If you see a troll, ignore them, and report them to an administrator.
  4. Harassment: Any harassment or cyberbullying will result in a ban.
  5. Edit War: If an edit war starts, the users may receive a warning and the page may be locked. If there is a disagreement, it is encouraged to start a discussion either on the page’s talk page or on one’s message wall to talk out the disagreement to reach a resolution. Persisting edit wars will result in a ban.
  6. Ban Evasion: The act of creating or using an alternate account to evade a block, will result in the block of the sockpuppet account(s) and an extended or a permanent block for the main account.
  7. Do It Yourself: If you want something done on the wiki, then do it yourself. Asking users to make pages or add/remove content to pages is frowned upon and is considered harassment.
  8. Edit Spamming: The act of making multiple light or "fluff" edits to boost edit count is frowned upon. These edits include making multiple edits to a page or adding a category per edit that could have been done in one or few edits. Any acts of edit spamming may result in a warning or a block.
  9. Unwarranted Template Removals and Abuse: Maintenance templates cannot be removed until the issues on the page are resolved. If a maintenance template has been removed from an article without the issue in the template being resolved, then the user may face a block or a warning. Maintenance templates are normally used by administrators to locate issues on an article so that it can be resolved to meet basic content quality standards. Any abuse of maintenance templates will also result in a block or a warning.


  1. Adding Articles: Only add articles that are Approved Pure Good on the Heroes Wiki. If a page is added onto the wiki and it is not approved to be Pure Good, then it will be deleted. If the user continues to add heroes that are not approved as pure good onto the wiki, then they may face a block.
  2. Official Information Only: Only add official information from the work. Be sure the information that is being added is accurate and is from a neutral point of view.
  3. Plagiarism: When adding content onto the wiki, write it in your own words with your own research. Copying material from other wikis and websites and adding it onto this wiki is frowned upon and is an act of theft. Acts of plagiarism may result in the page getting deleted and a ban.
  4. Grammar: Please be sure to write the articles in a clear and concise manner so that readers can understand the material. Please also be aware that this is an English-speaking wiki and that general English grammar rules should be followed when writing articles.
  5. Offensive Language: Use of offensive language in articles is unacceptable. Do not add offensive language onto this wiki.
  6. Sufficient Content: When adding a page onto the wiki, it is best to provide sufficient content and that all sections of the article is filled out. Adding one-line articles, articles with too-little information and creating blank pages may either be marked as pages with insufficient content or article stubs, or may be deleted on sight. Continuously making articles with insufficient content with no attempts to expand them afterwards will result in a ban. In addition to meeting the sufficient content for pages, please read the Page Layout Guide on how to structure articles on the wiki.
  7. No Real Life People: Our wiki only accepts fictional pure good heroes. Calling a real life person pure good is slanderous.
  8. Do Not Recreate Deleted Pages: When a page is deleted, it can not be recreated without admin approval. If an administrator delete a page or category, please be sure to reach out to them with a valid reason for recreating the page and to get their permission to recreate the page. If there have been admin approval, then the page may be restored or recreated.
  9. No Galleries and Quotes Sections: Gallery and quote sections are frowned upon here due to redundancy to the Heroes Wiki.
  10. New Categories: Outside of categories on franchises, no new categories can be made without getting admin permission.
  11. Character Roles: Abuse of character roles will not be tolerated. Changing a character's role to a different role without providing an explanation, may be treated as character roles abuse and these type of edits will be reverted. Edit wars over this will also not be tolerated.

Categories, Images, and Links

  1. No Categories on User Pages: Categories are only meant to be added on articles.
  2. No Categories on Copyright Holders: Categories are only meant for the franchises that the heroes originate from. No categories on companies, writers, publishers, developers, etc. Categories like those will be deleted.
  3. File Names: Please be sure to double check the file name of an image that you are going to upload. Uploading an image with the same name may overwrite an existing image file on the wiki. Be sure to double check to make sure the file name is different to avoid overwriting an existing image file.
  4. Web Links: Do not add malicious links to this wiki: for example adding links to inappropriate websites or phishing websites. Adding malicious links to websites will result in a ban.

Fanon Heroes and OCs

  1. A story is required: When making a proposal on the original character or fanon hero, they must have a story. If a character without a story is proposed, the proposal will be rejected automatically.
  2. Proposals: Fanon heroes and OCs have to be proposed and approved as pure good on this wiki first. Pages about unapproved characters will get deleted.