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Pyrrha Nikos is a major protagonist in the American animated webseries RWBY. She is a member of Team JNPR and one of Team RWBY's main allies.

She was voiced by Jen Brown.


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What makes her Pure Good?

  • Wants to help and protect as many people as possible, and has done so multiple times.
  • Prefers diplomacy over violence.
  • She's willing to keep secrets, especially if they're for the sake of helping others.
  • She often feels fear of letting down others who have put their faith in and have become dependent on her.
  • Fights and destroys feral Grimm, which pose massive threat to the world at large.
  • Trains and mentors Jaune Arc and is incredibly patient with trying to teach him how to activate his Aura.
  • Attempted to become the Fall Maiden in order to keep the powers from falling into the wrong hands in spite of being fully aware of all risks it posed to her own well-being.
  • She was extremely remorseful and horrified after accidently killing Penny during their battle.
  • She kissed Jaune before sending him away in order to protect him from Cinder so that he knew how much she loved him, in case she ended up dying fighting Cinder.
  • Gave her life to fight Cinder Fall and try and save Vale.

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