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Rapunzel is the main protagonist of Disney's Tangled franchise. She is based on the famous fairy tale character of the same name. She is the 10th Disney Princess in the official line-up.

She is voiced by the singer, Mandy Moore (who also voiced Nita in Brother Bear 2), while Delaney Rose Stein voiced her as a child in the movie, then while Ivy George voiced her as a child in the TV series, then by Kelsey Lansdowne in Kingdom Hearts III and Disney Comics in Motion.


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What makes her Pure Good?

  • Uses her crown to bargain with Flynn Rider so that she could get out of Mother Gothel's tower.
  • Charms the thugs that were about to attack Flynn Rider into helping him much later in the film.
  • When she and Flynn Rider were trapped in a cave, she uses her magic to heal him and eventually help him escape.
  • Honors a truce with Maximus on her birthday, with him taking Rapunzel to the festival.
  • Finally knowing she's the lost princess, she stands up to Mother Gothel for the abuse she gave her.
  • She heals Eugene when he was stabbed by Gothel.
  • She stopped Lady Caine from avenging for her father, who was framed by the King of Corona for the kidnapping of Rapunzel.
  • She defended the kingdom of Corona from various threats outside and in, while trying to find the origin of her powers.
  • She befriended and forgave Stalyan.
  • She forgave Varian and helped free his father from being trapped in amber.
  • She forgave Cassandra and even hugged her when the latter felt remorse for helping Zhan Tiri, who manipulated her get the Sun and Moonstones, and even teamed up with her to stop Zhan Tiri.
  • She defeated Zhan Tiri with Cassandra and Eugene, saving the entire kingdom from destruction and fusing the Sun and Moonstones' powers.


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