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Princess Hilda, I... I just wanted to save you from all this-you, who've worried endlessly about the fate of Lorule. Please, Princess Hilda, let's do the right thing. Lorule may be doomed, but at least our kingdom won't be condemned for stealing their Triforce.
~ Ravio

Ravio is the supporting hero in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He is a traveling merchant who takes residence in Link's House and turns it into a shop where he rents (and later sells) his goods to his costumers. He is revealed to be Link's cowardly counterpart who resides in the dark kingdom of Lorule and a servant to Princess Hilda.


Ravio was Hilda's loyal servant for a long time. He does not trust Yuga (he thinks of him to be a leech) and was aware that he is manipulating the princess and planned together to kidnap the Seven Sages so Ganon can be revived and steal Hyrule's Triforce (with Hilda wanting to restore Lorule, while Yuga wanted to destroy both worlds and remake them to his liking). As he was a coward, he could not bring himself to let Princess Hilda know of Yuga's true intentions or confront Yuga himself, so he flees Lorule and makes his way to Hyrule in search of a hero who can stop them. He eventually comes across an unconscious Link (who had failed to save Seres from being turned into a painting by Yuga) and brought him back home. When Link awakens, Ravio was the first person he sees and startled by his presence, making Link fall out of his bed. He introduces himself to Link, saying that he is a traveling merchant who is looking for a place to stay. When he learns that he was trying to stop Yuga, and failed miserably, Ravio praises him for his courageous acts and tells him to warn Princess Zelda about what happened at the Sanctuary, but not before he asks Link if he could stay at his place, which Link grants him permission, much to Ravio's joy at the fact that he does not have to sleep in the wild anymore. He gives Link his old bracelet and tells him to wear it. While the bracelet did not seem to have any use, it proved to be a lifesaver for Link, when Yuga turns him into a painting and abandons him; it reacted to the situation and releases him from the wall, granting Link the ability to Wall-Merge, which will come in handy when he explores dungeons and get around more easily.

Ravio turns Link's house into a shop where he rents his items to Link and allows him to keep his merchandise for a long time, until Link falls in battle and his pet bird Sheerow picks up the rented items and returns them to Ravio. After all three Pendants of Virtue are acquired, Ravio will start selling his items but at a higher price, allowing Link to upgrade them for every 10 Maiamais he returns to Mother Maiamai. When all items are purchased, Ravio is overjoyed to have sold all of his items and plans to retire from his job early and closes his shop.

When Link defeats Yuga for the last time at Lorule Castle and frees Princess Zelda from her painting prison, Ravio gets involved, stepping between Hilda and the duo and unmasks himself and both are shocked to learn that he was Link's Lorulean counterpart, and was Princess Hilda's servant asks Zelda if he can intervene. He turns to Hilda, admitting his cowardice and the fact that he was against their plot. Though Princess Hilda was mad at his apparent "betrayal", Ravio points out that stealing Hyrule's Triforce and risking its collapse will only bring out the absolute worst in Lorule, and informs that there is some other way, along with the reason that her ancestors destroyed Lorule's Triforce was to put an end to the war, and what she was doing is exactly why the Triforce was destroyed in the first place, to Hilda's horror. Ravio tells her that he wanted to put her worst fears of Lorule's fate to rest and asks her to do the right thing, which Princess Hilda complies. He follows Princess Hilda to Lorule's Sacred Realm where he says good-bye to Link, telling him that he really is a hero and thanks him for demonstrating his courage, which was rubbed on him. Hilda uses the last of its power to send Link and Princess Zelda home to Hyrule, with Ravio nodding to her in approval.

Once back in their own world, Link and Zelda are in Hyrule's Sacred Realm where they made a wish on the whole Triforce to restore Lorule's. Ravio and Hilda are startled by an earthquake which causes the giant slate to break. They witness the revival of the Lorulean Triforce and the light shining upon Lorule for the first time since the Lorulean Civil War, with Ravio smiling joyfully and Hilda tearfully expressing her eternal gratitude to Link and Zelda for their selflessness.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • As he was fully aware of Yuga's powerful magic and turning people into paintings, Ravio gives Link his bracelet as a precaution when he learns that Link planned on going on a quest to save the Seven Sages, along with Princess Zelda and defeat Yuga. This allows Link to break free and use its power to merge with walls at will.
  • Ravio genuinely cares about Lorule as much as Hilda does and desires to restore it to its former glory. While not a warrior like his Hyrulean counterpart, he still helps Link in his own way by renting/selling his items so he can get around Hyrule and Lorule, and showing dedication on his part to oppose Yuga and Hilda's plans.
  • He returns to Lorule and convinced Princess Hilda to abandon her plans, as he knew that Hyrule would be imperiled by its Triforce's absence and doesn't want Lorule to be more deserving of condemnation for stealing it and was successful. His acts turned the tides in favor of both kingdoms, leading to Lorule's Triforce to be restored and its light to return.
  • While Ravio is very cowardly in the way he fled to Hyrule rather than defy Yuga directly, he never used any dirty tactics, the way other cowards usually do, and shows real remorse for it. He demonstrated some courage to dissuade Princess Hilda from her plan so they can do the right thing. This was proven by the fact that he gave Link the powers he needed and helped a courageous hero stop his enemies.

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