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Rickert is a character in the manga/anime series, Berserk. He was an early member of the original Band of the Hawk and their youngest member, and after the deaths of the Band of Hawk, remains one of its few surviving members.

He was voiced by Akiko Yajima in 1997, and Minako Kotobuki in 2016 in the Japanese version, and by Michelle Newman in 1997, and Erica Mendez in 2016 in the English version.



Unlike several of the mercenaries of the Band of Hawk, Rickert is presented as an extremely kind and innocent man. He idealized Guts for saving him back when they first met, and showed constant support for his comrades, often being driven to tears of relief upon seeing them unharmed. He will go out of his way for his comrades, assisting Guts after the Eclipse by making him new equipment and helping take care of Casca after her mind was shattered. As noted by Guts, Rickert's heart is so kind that he is unable to hate Griffith, a fact that's proven true when Rickert reunites with Griffith in Falconia.

Power and Abilities

As a mercenary of the Band of Hawk, Rickert presumably has some decent fighting skills and swordsmanship. However, his true strength lies in his creative mind and engineering skill. He was able to craft several weapons, such as the arm cannon Guts used in his quest against the Apostles, as well as several other inventions he gives Guts upon reuniting with him.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • When Guts saves him in battle, Rickert is incredibly grateful and defends him when Corkus insults Guts for having killed one of their soldiers by reminding Corkus they attacked Guts first.
  • Along with Judeau and Pippin, Rickert urges Guts to come down with the rest of the Hawks when they are partying.
  • Rickert goes to congratulate Guts on being promoted, thanking him for saving his life and expressing his admiration towards Guts.
  • While Casca punches Guts for trying to see Griffith instead of waiting for the other nobles to finish their visit, Rickert instead sympathizes with Guts, somberly noting that Griffith had become more distant from the Band of the Hawk.
  • During the Battle of Doldrey, when they're surrounded by enemy forces, Rickert refuses to flee, saying he's rather die fighting than surrender.
  • He is driven to tears of joy upon seeing that Griffith is alive after he faked his death.
  • When Guts prepares to leave the Band of Hawk, Rickert runs up to him and asks him to stay with the Band of Hawk, telling Guts that they're his family.
  • After Griffith is captured and the Band of Hawk are branded as outlaws, Rickert chooses to stay with the mercenaries.
  • When Guts returns, Rickert runs up in joy, relieved to see him again.
  • He stays behind to tend to his injured comrades after an enemy raid, then goes to the border to try and reunite with the Band of Hawk.
  • He helps tend to Guts and Casca after the Eclipse, and is relieved to see Guts wake up after four days.
  • He creates Gut's arm cannon, which would save Guts' life countless times against several different Apostles.
  • He tries to convince Guts to stay with Casca to help her recover from her mental trauma.
  • For two years, he stays with Godot, assisting the blacksmith while taking care of both Erica and Casca.
  • He builds a memorial for the fallen members of the Band of Hawk.
  • When Casca went missing, Rickert spent a month looking for her, only returning when Godot became ill and to take care of Erica. Rickert also feels incredibly guilty for not being able to find her, and doesn't defend himself when Guts demands to know why he wasn't looking for her.
  • Rickert resupplies Guts and gives him new miniaturized bombs, which Guts would use to great effect during his battles.
  • When reuniting with Griffith, unaware of his true nature, he is overjoyed at seeing him again. Then, when Guts lunges to kill Griffith, Rickert stops Guts, asking why Guts was trying to attack Griffith.
  • After learning the truth about the Eclipse, Rickert breaks down in tears and asks to go with Guts, feeling guilt over living in ignorance about the Band of Hawk's demise while Guts was forced to bear the burden alone.
  • He protects Erica when the Great Roar of the Astral World is unleashed, saving her from monsters with his inventions.
  • Upon meeting Griffith once again, despite seeing the city he created and the peace he's established within Falconia, he slaps Griffith, knowing the potential consequences. He himself admits he's incapable of hating Griffith, but slapped him out of respect for the Band of Hawk. He refuses to acknowledge Griffith as his leader, then leaves him and Falconia. This also gave exposure to Griffith not being an untouchable god.
  • He lacks the corrupting factors several other characters have and manages to stand out among the series' low admirable standard and not get corrupted by its extremely high heinous standard.


  • Rickert and Judeau are the only two characters in Berserk to be Pure Good.