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Oh! My name's SMG0! And welcome to my humble little home!
~ SMG0's introductory line.

SuperMemeGuardian0 also known as SMG0 is one of the three overarching protagonists (alongside SMG1 and SMG2) of the SMG4 series, appearing as the overarching protagonist of SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS.

Originally a Super Meme Guardian from another universe called Mage, he and his avatar Fred were playing in their small, peaceful world until the memes began corrupting. The God Box summoned him and he received a partner named Niles, who helped him save the dead memes, only for him to be corrupted by the box itself and under its influence, killed Fred and then forced SMG0 to merge with him in order to create the "perfect universe".

He was thought to be the overarching antagonist of the series as a whole, but that was until SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS that the truth about SMG0 is revealed.

He is voiced by Michael Kovach, who also voiced Niles from the same series.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He lives peacefully with his Avatar and best friend, Fred in their universe Mage.
  • When the memes began to corrupt, he went to seek help from the God Box in order to save his universe, which the God Box created Niles to help them. He then greeted Niles nicely.
  • He and Niles created the Internet Graveyard where dead memes are cleansed once they lose popularity, creating the Life Cycle of Memes and restoring peace to their universe.
  • After his universe got destroyed and Fred died because of Niles, he was shocked by this, and by the time Niles wants to fuse with him to become Zero, SMG0 plead to Niles not to force him to fuse with him, even telling him that they can fix it together, to no avail.
  • Even though he, as Zero, destroyed many universes, killed Spudnick and Axol in the process, tried to convert Mario into his avatar, and attempted to destroy SMG4's universe, it was because Niles was controlling him and therefore, Niles was responsible for every heinous thing he has done, not SMG0.
  • By the time Melony destroyed the Zero fusion, SMG0 went to his universe inside the God Box and lived peacefully.
  • When SMG4, SMG3, and Mario crashed their ship in his universe, he picked them up and took them to his treehouse to heal their wounds, even making tea for them.
  • He introduced himself nicely to SMG4, SMG3, and Mario, but after hearing about his fusion form, he felt greatly remorseful for what he and Niles did to them, even though it wasn't his fault, but Niles'.
  • By the time Niles wants to fuse with SMG0 to become Zero again, SMG0 pleaded for Niles not to do so as he doesn't feel proud of becoming a monster but failed nonetheless.
  • By the time he was free from his prison, he tried pleading to Niles from dragging SMG4 and his gang to their deaths alongside them as an act of spite, by the time the latter refused to, SMG0 then intervened, which brought peace to Niles, and went to the afterlife together, hoping they would find Fred there.
  • While at first glance he appears to not be as admirable as Melony or Axol, that is not the case seeing as he saved not only Mario's universe from Niles but the entire multiverse by preventing him from escaping the God Box with its power.


  • SMG0 is one of the three SMG4 characters to be Pure Good, along with Tari and Melony, and the only of them to be male.
  • SMG0 was thought to be Pure Evil when he was in his Zero form. However, by the time SMG4 Movie: REVELATIONS came, it was revealed that Niles was responsible for everything that happened in the SMG4 series, and SMG0 was revealed to be a kind and noble Meme Guardian who was forced by Niles to become Zero, thus saving SMG4 and his friends along with the entire multiverse by bringing peace to Niles, pushed him to become Pure Good.
    • He is also the first Pure Evil to ever turned out to be a Pure Good.


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