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You all did well. You can now rest peacefully and live the lives you always wanted to live. We're a team. Always.
~ Samuel’s message in the ending book.

Samuel Turfblu is the main protagonist of the Inkopolis Chaos trilogy. He serves as the main protagonist of Inkopolis Chaos, and one of the two main protagonists of Inkopolis Chaos 2 and Inkopolis Chaos 3. He is a kind inkling boy who has a firm belief that inklings and octolings should get along, and cares deeply for his friends.

His Good Ranking

What makes him Pure Good?

  • He deeply cares about his friends, and is very loyal to them.
  • He really loves Natalie no matter what, and is always helping her out in any way possible. Examples include:
    • He had the opportunity to hand Natalie into the police for cash, but instead he decided to prove her innocence so she could live a normal life instead of being a wanted by the law homeless person.
    • He refused to have Natalie taken back to octo valley, knowing how horrible of a place it was. He even attacked Ruby to make sure she didn’t try to hurt her.
    • He gave Natalie a new start, providing her with a new home, friends and a normal life in Inkopolis, and made sure she was settled in well.
    • He always stood up for her when she received racist comments.
    • He saved Natalie from falling to her death when Scarlet’s henchmen threw her off a cliff.
    • He stopped her from beating up 2 bullies, because if she did, the news would be all over her due to her being an octoling.
    • He rushed to Natalie when he heard her screaming when she was being tortured by Scarlet. If he didn’t show up, Scarlet would’ve killed her. He even advised Natalie to rest for a day to recover from her injuries.
    • He doesn’t get mad at Natalie for indirectly killing Cyalux, reassuring her that it’s not her fault.
    • He kept protecting her from being attacked by Lt. Obsidian.
    • He was very accepting of Natalie’s autism in an additional short story, and was able to calm her down and comfort her after she had a sensory overload.
  • He is a firm believer in peace between Inklings and Octolings.
  • He always stood up against Scarlet when she bullied people.
  • When Ruby for him to splat her, he refused and instead forgave her for everything she did.
    • Later on, he forgives James, which shows he’s quite forgiving.
  • He helped expose Scarlet’s criminal deeds to the public and made sure she was no longer a threat.
  • He defeated Scarlet and had her locked up.
  • He did everything he could to make sure Melissa trusted Natalie and the other octolings when she was being paranoid about them. He showed sympathy when Melissa revealed why she didn’t trust them, but still tried to get her to trust them.
  • He helped expose Cyalux and the other octobusters, and also went to save Ruby.
  • He kept offering Cyalux redemption, despite him crossing several lines.
  • He felt bad when Cyalux died.
  • When Lt. Obsidian mocks him for dating Natalie, an octoling, he tells her it doesn’t matter that they are different, and how they have a special connection to each over.
  • He went back to Cephalon HQ to rescue Sylvia and the others from the concentration camps. While he didn’t rescue her herself, she did get out. He thanks Sylvia for her selfless actions towards him, calling her a great cousin, and even stating Blakeson wouldn’t get away with what he did.
  • He suggested everyone to take a day off from agent work for the sake of everyone’s mental health. When Scarlet killed 11 people on their day off, he felt great remorse for what happened, feeling partially responsible.
  • He showed even stronger respect for Ruby after her sacrifice.
  • He was a major part in the final battle, helping fight against Scarlet once again.
  • He saved the world from Lt. Obsidian, and was willing to die to do so.
  • While he did used to taunt his opponents a lot in the first story, a year later it was toned down enough to not be a corrupting quality, as he is only seen taunting someone once in Inkopolis Chaos 3, who just so happened to be Scarlet Spiker. He also used to overreact a lot, but by Inkopolis Chaos 3 he calmed down and became more mature.
  • While he has his faults, Samuel is a really nice person who is always doing his best to help out other people, especially his friends. He is selfless, good spirited and is overall a great person.


  • He, alongside, Katelin and Dylan Octarine are the only heroes to be Pure Good in The Inkopolis Chaos Trilogy.
  • Samuel was originally considered Near Pure Good. However, it was eventually discussed that his preventions were subverted and/or did not hold up, allowing Samuel to be Pure Good.
    • As an evil and heinous opposite to him, Scarlet Spiker (his archenemy) was originally considered Near Pure Evil but was eventually reevaluated and approved Pure Evil

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