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Samurai Jack is the titular main protagonist of the cartoon series of the same name. He is voiced by Phil Lamaar.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Is worthy of using a sword forged by the gods specifically to destroy Aku.
  • Spends fifty years protecting people in the dystopian future.
  • Helped his best friend The Scotman rescue his wife and save him from enhanced sirens.
  • His quest is to return to past and destroy Aku.
  • Is immune to the corruption of evil. Even when it was corrupting him, Jack showed restraint against it, and using his pure heart, he expelled the evil out of him. In addition, he felt remorse over his actions he did while he was infected.
  • Freed the Lava Monster from his curse, turning him human again and allowing him to be able to rest in peace.
  • Destroyed the Well of King Ozric after he was told of the Well's true nature so it wouldn't harm anyone innocent again, thus sacrificing his chance to go back to the past.
  • Freed a fairy by scarifying his one wish to free her.
  • After defeating Demongo, he freed the souls of all the warrior's he'd enslaved.
  • Trained the White Ape Tribe and the Monkey Man to defend themselves in exchange for teaching him how to Jump Good. In addition, when he saw the Red Gorilla Tribe come back, he attempted to help them, but realized they learned to defend themselves.
  • Helped the Spartans defeat their enemy, giving them and their land peace and freedom. He also almost sacrificed his life to save the Spartan King.
  • Saved a village from robotic lobsters. He also saved a boy's mother and then rescued the boy from Shinobi before hugging him.
  • Saved a baby from getting eaten by Ogres and took good care of that baby until he found her mother.
  • Freed Ashi from her brainwashing and showed her the truth about Aku and the evil he caused.
  • He felt remorse for killing six daughters of Aku despite them hunting him.
  • Will help anyone, even if it costs him a chance at returning to the past.
  • He is praised as a hero by everyone he meets and has helped in the future.
  • He's very kind to animals and loves children.
  • Only kills when necessary, never just for fun.
  • He finally returned to the past and defeated Aku, preventing the evil future and all the suffering Aku caused from happening, saving the world.

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