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Serena is an aspiring Pokémon Performer and one of the main characters in the Pokémon XY series. She was a former traveling companion of her childhood friend and crush, Ash Ketchum.

What Makes Her Pure Good


  • She was shown to be sassy and rebellious towards her mother mainly because she's making Serena doing something she hates such as Rhyhorn Racing. When her mother supports her dream of becoming a Performer, that sassy attitude was gone.
  • She is very kind, polite, helpful, and tries to keep her friends' spirits up, notably Ash.
  • She cares deeply about Ash's happiness and well-being to the point that she gets worried about him when he goes overboard with his training or putting himself at risk.
  • She disguises herself as Ash to battle Jimmy for him in order to prevent Ash from getting himself sicker.
  • Out of all of Ash's female traveling companions, Serena does not argue with Ash even for petty reasons and she has no intention of doing so. However, she did get angry at Ash one time, it was only because Ash snapped at her and she did not appreciate that kind of behavior as she only wanted to help him get out of his depression. Then as a blizzard occurred and Ash is still out there, she regretted snapping at him back believing that she may have made him more depressed, which was actually the opposite.
  • She stops Ash from doing anything reckless a few times such as going down a tube which could be dangerous and jumping into a battle so he doesn't miss registration.


  • Whether she is the player or the rival of the player, Serena along with her friends have contributed to stopping Lysandre, the leader of Team Flare from using the ultimate weapon to destroy all life (except themselves), while simultaneously going on her journey to collect all eight Kalos Gym Badges.
  • She rescues the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas/Yveltal which deprives the machine of much of its energy; After battling Lysandre, she shows sympathy towards him and tries to redeem and convince him that there is another way to make the world better, even though it did not work out since Lysandre was still bent on completing his goals and had to flee with her friends.
  • Her actions have helped the ancient former king AZ overcome his inner demons and tragic past and become able to understand the meaning and purpose of Pokémon Battle; true friendship. His inner peace caused his Floette, the Pokémon that left him 3000 years prior, to return to him.


  • She is the one of the only three main Pokégirls in the anime to be considered Pure Good, with the other two being May and Dawn. However, she is considered the nicest and least temperamental of the three.

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