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Sersi is the main protagonist of the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Eternals.

She is one of the titular ten Eternals who were sent to Earth 7000 years by the Prime Celestial, Arishem the Judge, supposedly for the sake of protecting its inhabitants from a race of dangerous and hostile creatures called the Deviants. However, it was later revealed that he sent them to assist the development of intelligent life on Earth in order to prepare the planet for the Emergence of a new Celestial. However, she, along with the other Eternals, who have grown to love Humanity, want to prevent the Emergence to save humanity from the consequences of the Emergence.

She is portrayed by Gemma Chan.

What makes her Pure Good?

  • Out of all the Eternals, she has the most pronounced love for humanity, and while she had bared witness to the evils they're capable of over the centuries, she still views them in a positive way and believes they're a race worth protecting.
  • She is one of, if not the most, pacifist members as well. While this may be partially because her power isn't as combat-oriented as many of the others, she still possesses some degree of superhuman strength and durability, but prefers not to fight, let alone kill Deviants personally if she can help it, generally leaving that to others.
  • She takes joy in working as a humble museum curator in the present day, and when there's a sudden earthquake during a class she's teaching, she quickly instructs the children to get under the tables, as in standard protocol in such situations, to protect them. Additionaly, when she noticies a large stone tablet of sorts is about to fall on one of them, she quickly turns it to sand when no one's looking to save them, as well as embraces another child who's scared the way a mother would comfort them until it stops.
  • When a powerful Deviant named Kro suddenly appears in London while she's with Sprite and her boyfriend Dane, she's quick to put herself in harm's way by getting his attention and luring him away to protect the others, especially Dane.
  • When Ikaris shows up and fights Kro as a result of coming to check on them because of the earthquake, the resulting conflict nearly causes an incoming bus to flip over. However, Sersi quickly uses her abiity to turn the bus into rose petals to prevent the crash and save the driver.
  • In the wake of the Eternals' former leader Ajak's tragic death, it is revealed that she posthumously chose Sersi to be her successor as their new leader due to her strong affection for humanity, which made her confident that she would be willing to defy what's revealed to be the real purpose Arishem gave them: to get humanity's population to a level that it would allow the Celestial Tiamut, whose seed was planted on Earth to be born, but at the cost of destroying the whole planet alongside its population upon emergence.
  • Having grown to love humanity throughout the years, Sersi is one of the Eternals who feels they should do something to stop Tiamut's Emergence the most.
  • During an ambush of Druig's compound on the Amazons, she killed a Deviant out self-defense and to protect Ikaris by using her power to turn it into a tree, something she didn’t know she could do.
  • Her love for humanity is shown in flashbacks to times when the Eternals lived together lived with humans in Babylon, where among other things, she helps regular humans with physical labor, showing that she didn’t see herself as above them or doing such work, even though she probably didn’t have to.
    • She also shares some smaller moments of affection and joy for them like doing the hair of a couple of young girls and celebrating and laughing alongside some other people while forming a circle by joining hands together with them during a festival.
  • She is conflicted about whether stopping Tiamut's Emergence is the right thing to do, so they developed a plan to form the Uni-Mind, with the intention to amplify Druig’s mind-control powers so he can put Tiamut to sleep.
  • When Ikaris sabotages her and the Eternals' attempt to form the Uni-Mind because of his loyalty to Arishem and believing that allowing Tiamut to emerge is for the greater good, they come up with a new plan to make Sersi the center of the Uni-Mind so she can turn Tiamut to stone, with Druig even encouraging it since at that point, he wasn’t confident he could pull off their original plan. They succeed in turning Tiamut to stone just as they’re emerging, which saves all life on the planet.
    • It's indicated that even Tiamut himself became part of the Uni-Mind when they performed it, meaning that he may have been willing to sacrifice his own life to save Earth and humanity.
  • Despite being initially heartbroken by Ikaris' betrayal, unlike most of the Eternals, she never held a grudge on him, nor did she even fight him during the climax. Instead, she simply had faith he wouldn’t kill her when the moment came, and surely enough, Ikaris is unable to go through with it when confronting her, especially due to his love for her, which convinces him to join the Uni-Mind himself. Afterwards, she non-verbally forgives and comforts him before he commited suicide by flying into the sun out of overwhelming guilt for his actions.
  • Despite Sprite's betrayal, she was willing to forgive her since she sympathized with her desire to grow up out of her adolescent form, feel love and have a family, so she used the Uni-Mind to turn Sprite into a human so she can experience life like she had been longing for a long time. While she also warned Sprite that she would have a much shorter lifespan as a result, she was willing to make that trade off.
  • She was willing to face Arishem's punishment for sacrificing Tiamut. The former announced that he would spare humanity to study them and vowed to return to judge if humanity is worth saving or not based on what their memories show, which makes her brave enough to stand against him.


  • Sersi is the first and so far only, Pure Good from the MCU to be female, which is a clear contrast to Hela, who is the first Pure Evil from the MCU to be female.
  • Sersi is the only Eternal to be Pure Good.


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