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Into your hands, Oh, Lord, we humbly deliver your servants. The nuns of St. Carta. They served you in this life with strength and faith. Deliver them now from every evil. And let them live with you in perfect grace, forever. Amen.
~ Sister Irene praying over and blessing the deceased nuns of St. Carta.

Sister Irene is a major character in The Conjuring horror film franchise, appearing as the main protagonist of the 2018 film The Nun. She is a nun who is brought to the St. Carta monastery to help combat the blasphemous demon Valak.

She was portrayed by Taissa Farmiga.


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What's makes her Pure Good?

  • She closed her eyes to hear one bell of a correct gravestone with Father Burke buried alive in her mind, implying that all bells in every gravestone could be a deathtrap set up by Valak.
  • She rescued Father Burke inside the coffin from letting Valak taking him away.
  • She prayed with the other imaginary nuns, ignoring the demon carving a pentagram into her back just to try and keep praying and ward it off.
  • She managed to defeat Valak by pouring the Blood of Christ in her mouth and spit it on the demon, banishing Valak back into the underworld and sealing the rift (though Valak had actually managed to attach itself to Maurice via an inverted cross scar at the back of his neck, finally escaping into the world).
  • She recovered Father Burke's injured left eye after being bitten by a demon snake of Valak.
  • She prayed and blessed the deceased nuns of St. Carta to be delivered to the Lord in perfect grace.


  • Sister Irene is one of the four characters in The Conjuring franchise to be Pure Good alongside the Warren Family (consisting of Ed, Lorraine, and Judy).
    • Irene is the only Pure Good who doesn't have any family relatives if they could have met all of the criteria, making her the single character to be qualified.
  • Taissa Farmiga is the sister of Vera Farmiga, who portrays Lorraine Warren. As the two resemble each other and both have psychic gifts bestowed by God that they use to battle evil, it is theorized that Lorraine may be some kind of descendant of Sister Irene; she cannot be a direct descendant of Sister Irene who is a professed nun, and nuns are sworn to chastity, but it is possible that the two share some kind of familial connection.

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