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Maybe it's broken because you don't trust anyone.
~ Sisu.
It may feel impossible, but sometimes, you just have to take the first step, even before you're ready.
~ Sisu.

Sisudatu (also known as Sisu) is the titular deuteragonist of the 59th Disney animated feature, Raya and the Last Dragon.

She is an ancestral water dragon who has been dormant for 500 years after her family sacrificed their lives to stop the horrific Druun creatures that threatened the land of Kumandra.

She was voiced by Awkwafina.

What Makes Her Pure Good?

  • Used the Dragon Gem to blast the Druun away and revive all the humans who were turned into stone before she fell into a deep sleep for 500 years.
  • Helped Raya on her journey to find the lost pieces of the Dragon Gem and save Kumandra, choosing to see both the bad and the good in its people and wanting to see the best of them.
  • Helped fly the boat.
  • While she charges out of the gate to scare Namaari so badly she goes into a terrified shock at the sight of a dragon roaring and growling at her, she quickly showed sympathy towards her afterwards.
  • Planned on helping Namaari and tried to both talk her down from feeling pressured to use the pieces of the Dragon Gem to restore Fang's reputation and convince her to help them defeat the Druun with it, as well as convince Raya and the others to give her a chance by trusting her to do the right thing.
  • Forgave Namaari for accidentally killing her and putting Kumandra in further peril as a result of it, as she knew that there was still good in her.

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