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"I said "The Eagle of Guidance?" What's that mean?" But now that I'm older, I know it's about being a leader, and keeping an eye on you two.
~ Sitka's advice to Kenai about his totem

Sitka is the overarching protagonist of Disney's 44th full-length animated feature film Brother Bear and a minor character in its 2006 sequel Brother Bear 2. He is the late older brother of Denahi and Kenai and a parental figure to them since the death of their parents, and the brother in-law to Nita. His totem is the Eagle of Guidance.

He was voiced by D.B. Sweeney, who also voiced Aladar in Dinosaur and Aang in The Legend of Korra.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • He took up the parental figure role after losing his parents to unknown circumstances; he doesn't boss his brothers around the way many firstborns do and cares about them.
  • When Kenai searches for the perpetrator who stole the fish from them, Sitka along with Denahi search for him and see him getting attacked by Koda's mother and immediately rushes over to help him. When the situation becomes serious enough that it became unlikely that one of them won't survive either way, Sitka sacrifices himself by impaling the glacier that sends the bear and himself falling into the river. Koda's mother survived the fall, but Sitka dies to protect his brothers.
  • Sitka disapproves of Kenai's killing of the bear to avenge him as he put his and Denahi's lives before his own and punishes him by turning him into a bear so that he would understand from the bear's perspective.
  • When he sees that Kenai learned his lesson when he learned that the bear he killed was Koda's mother and atones for his actions by defending Koda from Denahi since Koda got involved, Sitka saves Kenai by returning him to his human form, leading Denahi to realize that he could have killed his own brother, which he thought was Koda's mother that he believed killed Kenai.
  • Sitka honors Kenai's decision to return to his bear form, as Koda doesn't have anyone to care for him anymore to atone for his past wrongs and returns to the spirit world with Koda's mother, indicating that they are on better terms.
  • Unlike his siblings, he has no corrupting factors.

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