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I'd rather stay on the ground for a little while. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Somebody's got to look out for the little guy, right?
~ Peter Parker to Tony Stark, giving his reason for not accepting his invitation to join the Avengers.
You can't be a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man if there is no neighborhood.
~ Peter to Tony as to why he joined him to fight Ebony Maw.

Peter Benjamin Parker, also better known as Spider-Man is one of the main characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He made a cameo appearance in Iron Man 2, before becoming a major character of Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, and the titular protagonist of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: No Way Home. He also appears as a cameo character in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. He is set to return as the titular protagonist of the upcoming animated prequel series Spider-Man: Freshman Year and the second MCU Spider-Man film trilogy.

He is portrayed by Max Favreau as a child and by Tom Holland as a teenager. Holland also voices Walter Beckett in Spies in Disguise.


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His Good Ranking

What Makes Him Pure Good?


  • When he was a child, upon being targeted by a Hammer Drone, he doesn't flee and stands bravely against it, distracting it long enough for Iron Man to arrive and destroy it, earning praise from him.
  • After gaining his powers, he chose to use his powers for good and act like a superhero, stopping many criminals and saving many lives during a period of several months.

Captain America: Civil War

  • He assists Tony in his mission to stop Captain America and his faction, though, during the fight, he remains friendly with his enemies, conversing enthusiastically and not using excessively lethal force against any of them.
  • Continues his work as Spider-Man for a period of two months, stopping criminals and helping citizens with their minor needs.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Stops a group of criminals who are using high-tech weaponry and becomes determined to stop the suppliers of these weapons.
  • Works undercover to track down the Vulture and stop him from selling his weaponry.
  • He saves his classmates from falling to their deaths in the elevator at the Washington Monument.
  • While he does act recklessly by going to confront the Vulture on the Staten Island Ferry by himself and ignoring Tony's orders, nearly getting the ferry destroyed and everyone on board killed, he feels great remorse over this behavior after being scolded by Tony.
  • Upon learning of the Vulture's true identity and his plan to steal the cargo from the Damage Control plane, he decides to stop the Vulture himself.
  • When he's trapped underneath a collapsed building, instead of giving up, he musters up the strength to get free and confront the Vulture on the plane.
  • During his fight with the Vulture, he saves the Vulture's life by stopping his wings from exploding, in spite of the latter being his enemy.
  • Apprehends the Vulture, stopping his spree of crime and preventing any more criminals from getting their hands on his high-tech weaponry.
  • He sincerely apologies to Liz for abandoning her at the dance.
  • When given the opportunity by Tony to become a full-time Avenger, Peter decides to not take the position and remains a local, friendly neighbor-hood Spider-Man instead.

Avengers: Infinity War

  • Assists Iron Man in his fight against Cull Obsidian.
  • Goes with Tony onto the spaceship in order to help him and to stop the Black Order from stealing the Time Stone.
  • Saves Doctor Strange's life from Ebony Maw.
  • He assists both the Avengers and Guardians in the fight against Thanos, nearly succeeding in taking the Infinity Gauntlet away from him.
  • Saves the lives of the Guardians from the oncoming meteors brought by Thanos.
  • Before he dies, his last words are apologizing to Tony despite not having a real reason to apologize.

Avengers: Endgame

  • After being resurrected, Peter joins the other Avengers in the fight against Thanos on Earth, assisting in keeping the Infinity Stones away from Thanos.
  • Just before Tony dies, Peter attempts to comfort him, tearfully telling Tony they won because of his efforts, before kneeling in respect at his death and attending his funeral.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

  • Helps Mysterio destroy the Water Elemental, and despite wanting to spend time on his field trip with his classmates and MJ, still chooses to help Mysterio eliminate the remaining Elemental.
  • Was bequeathed E.D.I.T.H by Tony, as he figured the boy will be responsible enough to use the advanced technology with military capabilities in a responsible manner, not in a destructive manner that Beck will later do.
  • Along with Mysterio, they destroy the final Elemental which is fire.
  • While he marked Brad Davis as a target, he called off the attack and destroyed the Stark drone after realizing what E.D.I.T.H. actually meant with the term.
  • Attempts to pass on E.D.I.T.H to Mysterio because he believes that it is the responsible choice and that Mysterio was the successor Tony was looking for.
  • When he learns that the Elementals are fake and that Mysterio is a fraud, he attempts to stop Mysterio and take the glasses back.
  • Attempts to warn Nick Fury (Talos) and Maria Hill (Soren) that Beck is a villain, even travelling to Germany to do so.
  • Gave several chances to Mysterio to surrender peacefully.
  • He stops Mysterio's final Elemental Fusion from destroying London, saving the city, and putting an end to Mysterio's plans.
  • Even after having been lied to, mentally tortured, and nearly killed by Mysterio multiple times, Peter appears to be saddened at Mysterio's death.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

  • He goes into the crowd of pedestrians harassing MJ after his identity had been exposed. This put himself at risk with the New Yorkers who thought he murdered Mysterio, with one angry woman even trying to unmask him, only for her to say that he hit her despite doing no such thing.
  • Decides to erase his public identity as Spider-Man after seeing his loved ones being troubled by the resulting fallout. He tries to undo it after realizing even said loved ones will also forget everything regarding his identity, which meant he was willing to find another way to erase his public identity while making only his allies, friends and loved ones aware of his identity.
  • He goes to speak to the Vice Chancellor of M.I.T. in order to convince her to allow Ned and MJ to get into M.I.T., putting themselves over him, and after saving her life she says she'd talk to admissions about the three of them, Peter insists that it wasn't about him, only about his friends.
  • In order to get Flash to tell him where the Vice Chancellor of M.I.T is so Ned and MJ could get into college, Peter swallows his pride and says he'll tell everyone that he is his best friend, despite Flash having done nothing but torment him throughout high school and leech off of his unwanted fame.
  • When he meets Doctor Octopus, he tries to reason with him and even offers to help him search for his fusion machine, although he was unaware of what the machine would actually do.
  • During his fight with Doctor Octopus, he saves the lives of several citizens, including the Vice Chancellor of M.I.T.
  • When Doctor Octopus snaps at Peter for calling him a crazy monster, he apologizes, despite him having tried to kill him only a few minutes ago.
  • Although he sent Sandman to the Sanctum with Electro despite the former having helped him catch the latter, it was only because he was going to attack him after he thought he murdered Electro, when really all he did was teleport him.
  • He thanks MJ for her support in stopping the villains, exclaiming that he couldn't do it without her.
  • He repairs the damage to the power station caused during his fight with Electro.
  • Upon hearing that one of the villains had arrived at Aunt May's workplace, he immediately rushed to try and save her.
  • When learning of the deaths several of the villains would face when Doctor Strange reversed the spell, Peter objects to this, telling Strange to have a heart.
  • While he did trap Doctor Strange in the Mirror Dimension for 12 hours, it was only because he wouldn't listen to reason.
  • Decides to save the villains trapped in his universe from their fates in their own universes, then tries to convince Doctor Strange to agree to this, only fighting him when given no other choice.
  • He manages to cure Doctor Octopus and restore the destroyed nanochip, giving him full control over his arms again, restoring his sanity and giving Peter back the stolen nanotech he stole earlier.
  • Tried his best to save May from being killed by the Green Goblin and was saddened that she died anyway, blaming himself for letting the villains stay in the first place.
  • While he did want to send the villains back to their universes without curing them of their powers despite knowing that they would probably die, revealed that he personally wanted to kill the Green Goblin, and acted dismissive and rude towards his variants upon meeting them, it was only because he had become bitter and depressed after the Goblin had killed May (his mother figure and, by extent, only living relative) so it was understandable. Peter then decided to try to fix them again after being encouraged by his friends and counterparts.
  • When video chatting the Daily Bugle in order to bait the villains to the Statue of Liberty for a final showdown, Peter reveals to the world that it is was his fault that they were there to begin with.
  • He thanked Webbverse Spider-Man for saving MJ.
  • When Raimiverse Spider-Man stopped him from giving into his lethal anger on Green Goblin for killing Aunt May, he found restraint in himself by defeating the Green Goblin outside of the hate kill, in which he cured Goblin.
  • While he was very vengeful in beating up the Goblin, Peter managed to overcome it with the help of his friends and variants of himself, so this was only a heat up moment.
  • In order to save the multiverse, he asked Dr. Strange to erase memory of everyone who knew about his existence, including the ones he cared about.
  • Although he promised to try and reconnect with Ned and MJ after the mindwipe, Peter realizes how happy they are now that they're going to M.I.T. and, after noticing the injuries MJ sustained during the battle on the Statue of Liberty, he backpedals at the last second to keep them safe from the dangers of knowing him, thus putting their well being over his own happiness.
  • Despite having lost literally everything, Peter takes May's dying words to heart and continues his duties as Spider-Man alone.
  • Unlike several other MCU characters (including his mentor Iron Man), Peter lacks corrupting qualities such as arrogance and pride, remaining very humble and only wanting to protect the people he cares about, and while he gains some corrupting qualities such as vengeance and hatred, he manages to overcome them.


  • It is currently unknown whether the future Spider-Man Trilogy depicting Peter's college life will affect his status.
  • He, alongside his Raimiverse counterpart are the icons of Other Uses.

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