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Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man is the main protagonist of the Marvel animated cartoon series The Spectacular Spider-Man. This version of Spider-Man combines elements and stories from both the mainstream comics, the 1990's cartoon, the live-action film trilogy and the Ultimate Marvel comics.

He was voiced by Josh Keaton who also voiced Shiro and the speaking voice of young Hercules.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Fought off the symbiote when it went too far.
  • While he did let the Cat Burglar get away, this was justified as the manager, Sulivan Edwards, had cheated Peter out of a cash reward. In order for Peter to get the cash he had to sign a contract to get it which might of included traveling around the world and leaving his Aunt and Uncle, Peter didn’t want that he just wanted the money to help his Aunt and Uncle.
  • Defeated the Vulture in order to prevent him from killing Norman Osborn.
  • Defeated Doctor Octopus and stopped his plan from taking over not only New York City, but the world.
  • Although he did attack Electro when he didn't do anything harmful towards anyone, it was only because he thought Electro was a crook. Once he found out who Electro was, he immediately regretted attacking him afterwards. Although he ultimately failed, he tried to reason with Electro and genuinely wanted to help him. The same can be said with Molten Man as well.
  • Tries to reason with some of his villains such as Electro, Molten Man, and Venom.
  • Never resorts to murder when defeating his enemies. Although some of his methods can be a bit extreme such as dropping a building on Shocker and dehydrating Rhino, he doesn't have any intent on killing any of his enemies.
  • Rejects Tombstone's job offer despite knowing he could've used the money offered to him which would've helped him and his aunt.
  • Rejects Green Goblin's team up offer.
  • Defeats Green-Goblin aka Norman Osborn and stops him from taking over New York City.
  • Unlike Eddie, who became corrupted into being Venom, he never gets corrupted by the symbiote.
  • When he tracked down his uncle's murder, instead of killing him, he spared him knowing that his Uncle Ben wouldn't have wanted it.
  • Although he did drop Tinkerer from a building this was only to get information of why he and Electro kidnapped Gwen. Plus he was only bluffing as he saved him twice and at the time so it more of a heat-up moment than a corrupting factor.
  • While saving Gwen from Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man also saved Electro despite almost forgetting about him because he was tired out from battle.
  • Although he didn't have an intent on killing Norman Osborn/Green Goblin and wasn't directly responsible for his "death", he felt responsible for not trying to save him.
  • Saves anybody he can from danger and death, even his enemies.
  • Before he considered giving up on being Spider-Man, he realized that Spider-Man was needed and despite knowing that his life wouldn't be perfect, he continued to be Spider-Man to protect New York from the many supervillains that would cause terror throughout the city.
  • Despite Eddie attempting to ruining his life as well as threatening him and his loved ones, he consoles him, telling him he is free and could stop having so much hatred when he loses the symbiote.
  • Although he was under the symbiote's influence and it wasn't entirely his fault for blowing off his friends when they were consoling him after they found out what happened to his aunt, he apologizes to them, knowing that they were trying to help.


  • Out of all Pure Good Spider-men, this is the second one to come from a TV show with the 90s verson being first.
  • It is unknown if he would have stayed Pure good had the show continued.


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