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Sunny Starscout is the main protagonist of the fifth generation of My Little Pony franchise, first appeared in My Little Pony: A New Generation. She is a female orange Earth pony who wished to make the world a better place and reunite all ponies together again to bring magic and harmony back to Equestria.

She was voiced by Vanessa Hudgens in the film and Jenna Warren in the series.

What makes her Pure Good?

My Little Pony: A New Generation

  • Unlike the other Earth ponies who lived in fear and prejudice to other pony races, Sunny is the only one who believed in their friendship and they can be friends one day thanks to her father's teachings. Despite being an outcast to them for many years, she doesn't hold her grudge against them and instead remained hopeful and believed in herself that the pony tribes will be friends one day.
  • She and her father sending a letter of the union of ponies in a floating paper lantern to invite Pegasi and unicorns to Maretime Bay, hoping they could befriends one day but they're unaware that Izzy is the one who received a letter. Years later, the wish has come true when Izzy showed a letter she got from her when she was a filly, which leading to Hitch realized he was wrong about the other pony races.
  • Tried her best to share her ideals of unity to her fellow Earth ponies but to no avail despite the way she caused too much trouble throughout the Maretime Bay.
  • Despite being bullied and ridiculed by Sprout for her beliefs throughout the childhood until now, she never showed any negative emotions and resentment towards him, going so far as trying to befriend and being nice to him.
  • Protect a unicorn named Izzy Moonbow from Earth ponies, including freeing her from the trap despite ignoring Hitch's warning.
  • Discovering that Izzy had no magic, she decided to embark on her quest to bring all ponies back together and returned magic and harmony back to Equestria.
  • Despite she stole the Pegasus Crystal from Queen Haven and explot Alphabittle to challenge him for the Unicorn Crystal, she only does this to unite the crystals to bring back magic and harmony to Equestria.
  • Breaks up the fight between the Pegasi and the unicorns from kept arguing with each other.
  • Initially gave up on her dreams and hopes despite her friends tried to comfort her, she later got her confidence back and resume her quest after realized that the Earth Pony Crystal has been her possession all along.
  • She and Hitch tried to convince their fellow Earth ponies that the other pony races are harmless and meant to be friends, but failed as Sprout desperately rallied them on his side.
  • She, Izzy, and Pipp tries their best to putting the crystals together before Sprout could intervened it. But when they succeed it on putting them together, nothing happened.
  • Realized that the crystals isn't the one that brought them back together, she urged the separated pony races to reunite together as friends again, which caused her to turned into an Alicorn, and magic and harmony brought back to Equestria also, successfully making her dreams come true.
  • Despite the hostility she got from others such as Phyllis, Queen Haven, and Alphabittle, she never showed resentment to them and is perfectly willingly to befriend them.

My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale

Before Make Your Mark
  • She and her friends worked together to make the Crystal Brighthouse perfect.
  • Stopping her friends from making a mess inside the Crystal Brighthouse by convincing them to work together with safe and sound.
  • She and her friends suggesting Zipp to open up a flight school to teach those Pegasi how to fly, even though she doesn't want to do it at first.
  • She and her friends helping the Pegasi improving their flight skills.
  • She, Pipp and Zipp decided to be honest with Izzy by giving her own stuff so she doesn't need to use theirs anymore and telling her that she doesn't need to fit in with them because she is already perfect as she is.
  • Very proud of her new manestyle that Pipp gave her.
  • Keep Phyllis by distracting her from seeing what Pipp has made with her mane to cover it up.
  • Tries to get Izzy out of the unicorn trap.
  • She and her friends threw a T.U.E.S. Day party for Izzy and apologizes for ignoring her and forgetting about the day.
  • Despite her friends cannot eat the breakfast she made due to busy with their jobs and other things to stay, she sadly accepts how busy they are and then decided to organized a group hike to Prancing Point with her friends for them to hang out with each other.
After Make Your Mark
  • She and Zipp tried to cheer up Pipp by bringing a giant strawberry ripple smoothie with Pegasus wings whipped cream on it for her after Izzy accidentally deleted the videos of ponies' moments at Maretime Bay Day.
  • She and her friends successfully cheering up Pipp by recreating a Maretime Bay Day at the Crystal Brighthouse garden. They later celebrate it by singing the song Let Out Your Light and doing these activites together.
  • Protecting a group of foals from a large tidal wave by turning it into a harmless glitter while fully activating her Alicorn magic.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Special

  • She and her friends livestreamed a message to everypony across the Equestria, explaining how it was lucky that magic and friendship were brought back to Equestria and invited them to an annual holiday of Maretime Bay Day as a celebration.
  • When she and her friends crashes through Posey Bloom's garden, she tries to apologizes to her.
  • While Posey voicing her hatred towards magic, Pegasi and unicorns, she tries to reason with her.
  • She and her friends are to prepare planning for Maretime Bay Day.
  • When Zipp says that she doesn't feel completely at home in Maretime Bay, she comforts her by telling her that she should stay until the end of festival before making her decision.
  • Though she doesn't believe that something's wrong and the magic is glitching, she later began to realize that Zipp was right after she started her and her friends' arguement to demonstrate her point.
  • Discovering that the magic won't be stabilized unless everypony will treat each other with kindness, she and her friends decided to make the Maretime Bay Day a perfect event for them.
  • She and her friends tried their best to unite three pony races back together.
  • Helping everypony survive during the disaster caused by the ponies' friction.
  • With her lantern that Izzy repaired and her Alicorn powers, she successfully managed to save both Posey and Windy from falling into the void, despite Posey's negative sentiments about magic.
  • Apologizes to Zipp for not believing her that the magic was glitching, letting her hopes of magic was remained fine gets the best of it and admitted that she's supposed to be a good friend of her.
  • Forgives Posey for the way she acted throughout the special.

My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure

  • Helps Izzy find the tools for her to fix the bridge.
  • Helps Hitch find and herd three bunnies for the Bunny Herding Classic.
  • Find three carrots for the bunnies.
  • Discovering that the billboards were ruined, she goes through the Maretime Bay to find some evidence, but only to find one of her friends to be suspects and defends them of their innocence from Sprout.
  • With the help of Izzy, she cleaned up the billboards ruined and vandalized by Sprout.
  • Helps Pipp find her backup dancer Primrose.
  • Retrieve three fashion pieces for Primrose.
  • Encouraging Primrose to be herself and helps her gain confidence to talk to Hitch, even if it means give the pumpkin spice smoothie to her.
  • Help Hitch find and herd three crabs for him to do the Bunny and Crab Herding Classic.
  • Bring an extra fresh smoothie, a pair of cool shades and three balloons for Marcel to get him and the bunnies off of the Mane Street.
  • Convince the Earth ponies to let go of their hatred of Pegasi and unicorns and telling them how their friendship brought magic back to Equestria.
  • Forgiving Sprout for turning the Earth ponies against Pegasi and unicorns and convince him to let go and moved on from his fear and hatred.

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