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If it's for the sake of avenging those who were killed, to make sure there are no more victims, I won't hesitate to bring my blade down upon any demon's neck. But when it comes to those who felt despair and regret from the actions they took as a demon, I will NEVER disrespect them. Because at one time or another, they were human, no different from me!
~ Tanjiro expressing his views and opinions on demons.

Tanjiro Kamado (竈門 炭治郎 Kamado Tanjirō) is the main protagonist (and final antagonist) of the 2016-2020 fantasy horror manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and its hit 2019 anime television series adaptation. He is the older brother of Nezuko Kamado and the eldest child in the Kamado family before his mother and younger siblings were killed.

Tanjiro sets off on a journey as a demon slayer swordsman to hunt down the one responsible for killing his family and turning Nezuko into a demon, and to turn Nezuko back into a human. As a demon slayer, he vows to kill every hostile demon in order to prevent anyone else from suffering the same way that he did.

He is voiced by Natsuki Hanae in the Japanese version, who also voiced Falco Grice, and Zach Aguilar in the English dub, who also voiced Koichi Hirose.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

Final Selection Arc

  • First started out providing for his family by selling coal before they were tragically murdered that very night when he came back.
  • He attempted to get his sister Nezuko help after finding out she survived, but at a cost she became a demon shortly and he tried his best to get her to recognize him, driving her to tears upon her remorse of what she was about to do. It's only due to Tanjiro's efforts that Nezuko succeeded in retaining her humanity and refused to eat humans.
  • Tried to plead Giyu to spare Nezuko when he stated she hasn't eaten anyone yet, but in return of Giyu scolding him for begging, Tanjiro would strategize to launch his axe to Giyu in order to get Nezuko away from him. But he only did it when he was about to kill her.
    • From that point, Tanjiro ended up earning Giyu's approval when Nezuko protected him, and thus started his path to becoming a demon slayer.
  • He was reluctant at first about killing the Temple Demon after what it did to those inside of the shrine he encountered.
  • He practiced his swordsmanship under Urokodaki for the past years alongside Sabito and Makomo, never gave up and did his hardest to slice the boulder in half when battling Sabito.
  • He protected an fellow slayer when encountering the Hand Demon, the one responsible for Sabito and Makomo's deaths.
  • He kills off the Hand Demon to let the souls of Urokodaki's students rest, but he still sympathizes with the demon even after what he did was wrong, letting it die in peace.
  • He defended Kanata Ubuyashiki from Genya Shinazugawa when he acted rudely towards her because of his impatience. Despite breaking his arm, Tanjiro did it because the latter left him no choice if he didn't let go.
    • Even if so, Tanjiro was willing to put that aside and befriend Genya. He even justified that Genya did that on his own fault, but not in a self-righteous way.

First Mission Arc

  • Killed the Swamp Demon to stop him from devouring more women.
  • He comforted Kazumi after having to lose his fiancé to the Swamp Demon, trying to help him ensure everything will be alright.

Asakusa Arc

  • When encountering Muzan for the first time, finding out about his family, and turned a man into a demon, he prevented said latter from ever trying to murder someone. He would then be saved by Tamayo and Yushiro.
  • Fought Susamaru and Yahaba when they infiltrated Tamayo and Yushiro's base. He would later sympathize with Susamaru's death after witnessing her last words.

Tsuzumi Mansion Arc

  • He stopped Zenitsu and scolded him for acting inappropriately in front of a girl because he was scaring her. He would then held her against slapping Zenitsu when he began spreading nonsense, despite it already being bad enough as it was and still bothered to not let Zenitsu get harmed once more.
  • Kept Teruko safe when fighting Kyogai, but when Inosuke came in and recklessly fought the latter while unaware was hurting Teruko. Tanjiro rebuked him reasonably.
  • After finding Teruko and Shoichi's brother, Kiyoshi, he ensures both his and her safety to use the Tsuzumi drum to defend themselves in case.
  • After defeating Kyogai, he states that he does not forgive him for all the murders he committed. Despite this, he was reluctant to forgive him only and he still had the right to wish him peace as he fades away.
  • Gave Kiyoshi an amulet of wisteria so that the demons couldn't detect him and his rare blood anymore.
  • He was touched by Zenitsu's will to protect Nezuko inside her box from Inosuke, even knowing why. When Inosuke went too far, it only provoked Tanjiro to fight him to defend him against Zenitsu. Despite having to end up breaking Inosuke's ribs, it was under self-defense and he still apologized afterwards for it.
  • He tried to reason with Inosuke to not fight anymore when the latter became stubborn at that moment.
  • He and the rest dug graves for the remaining victims inside Kyogai's mansion and prayed for their loss.
  • He gave Kiyoshi a special charm specifically for "marechi" people to prevent being targeted by other demons before his departure.

Natagumo Mountain Arc

  • He and Inosuke, alongside Murata, attempted to free the possessed slayers from the Mother Spider Demon's control, before Tanjiro knew the only way to free them is to kill the Mother Spider in doing so.
    • Even after having to kill her, he knew before she accepted it and only gave her a painless death as a sign of mercy killing and to let her die in peace. He felt sympathy for her afterwards.
  • After being separated from Inosuke and witnessing Rui abusing his "older sister", Tanjiro called him out for a false family bond and that his beliefs were wrong and unjust. This provoked Rui to fight against Tanjiro into taking back those words.
    • However, Tanjiro's words were reasonable and right given his experience with his family and Nezuko. So in retrospect, Tanjiro had every right to be mad at Rui for his twisted belief in family bonds.
  • Tried to have Nezuko healed faster by placing her slashed limbs tight when she protected him against Rui's threads.
  • Just when Rui was about to kill him and Nezuko painfully restrained, Tanjiro manages to remember his father's words and him doing Hinokami Kagura. In return, he manages to defeat Rui and overwhelm his threads after having to unlock Hinokami Kagura himself.
  • Even after Rui survived and Giyu kills him in one shot, Tanjiro still sympathizes Rui in death, even after what he did was terrible.
  • When Giyu asked him not to sympathize Rui for his murders, Tanjiro explains to him his viewing on other demons, seeing them as tragic creatures and despite their murders, they had a reason behind it, showed remorse for them, and he never once thought to disrespect them as truly vile demons. This got Giyu to be reminded of how Nezuko protected him when they first met.
  • He took Nezuko away to safety as told by Giyu when Shinobu and Kanao went after him. When Kanao caught him, he asked Nezuko to continue running to no end until he got to her.

Rehabilitation Training Arc

  • When he was put on trial for accompanying Nezuko due to rules highly disregarding demons, he tries to defend his statement to the Hashira that he was trying to find a cure for her and because she was the only person he has left that is very important to him.
  • When Sanemi stabs Nezuko inside her box, this provoked Tanjiro to headbutt him and call him out that if he can't tell what makes a good demon or a bad one, he can no longer be a Hashira himself.
    • In addition, while Tanjiro did try to ask permission to headbutt him again for hurting Nezuko, while looking unnecessary, it was out of brotherly instinct to how much he cares for Nezuko instead of a grudge. There was also a time he had been reminded of that moment, Tanjiro did not seem take it seriously and just called back on Sanemi comically during his time being trained by one of the Hashira. In addition, this immediately subverts since he was willing to set aside things to try to have some form of decency with him.
  • While under Shinobu's care, he went through Rehabilitation Training, regaining back his strength and practicing his breathing. When that happened, he got help from Sumi, Kiyo, and Naho to help him practice his breathing.
  • When Inosuke and Zenitsu began quitting, he tried his best to help them be encouraged to continue. But in his place, Shinobu helped him in doing so.
  • He would then bet himself to catch a heads on Kanao's coin, encouraging to help her make decisions of her own. When he did, Kanao felt inspiration from his words and began to fell for him at that point.

Mugen Train Arc

  • During the time in the Mugen Train and when he fell asleep, he tried to wake himself up to stop Enmu, whose currently placed him and everyone else under a sleeping spell and even if it meant leaving his family again, although it was a dream, he wished what happened back then was a nightmare but he chose to accept reality even if it meant more pain for him.
  • He knocked out Enmu's pawns instead of physically harming them due to being individuals with a bad condition. He even indirectly touched the heart of his attempted killer when his spirit incarnations led him to his core.
  • He fought Enmu in order to prevent the passengers from getting killed by him and to stop him from having complete control over the train. But when Enmu provoked Tanjiro into having him under despair with a nightmare version of his dead family being disappointed in him for being alive, he still manages to put aside that and only called him out that they would never say such things about him.
  • Even after beheading Enmu as it only revealed he became one with the train, he and Inosuke went to the main core of the train to slash Enmu's brain.
  • Even after getting stabbed by the conductor, he restrains him instead of attempting revenge, and patches himself up using Total Concentration Breathing so that the conductor would remain innocent instead of becoming a murderer.
  • After being badly wounded before Akaza arrives to fight Rengoku, Tanjiro wanted to help him but he was too wounded in doing so.
  • Once Akaza leaves a fatal wound on Rengoku, he calls him out for his cowardice and only point out that Rengoku won fair and square to protect everyone. Showing how much he admired him since they just began talking with one another.
  • After being inspired from Rengoku's words and promises to fulfill his last requests, Tanjiro mourned him and wanted to stay and be strong as him enough to defeat Muzan.
  • Fulfills Rengoku's request to state his final words to his family. However, he had conflict with Rengoku's father but only because he was the one who started it first.
    • He does however manage to get him to know that his son still cares for him when he says those exact words of taking care of himself. Leaving the father to mourn his eldest son and regret how he behaved towards him.

Entertainment District Arc

  • Tries to fight Tengen in order to prevent him from forcibly taking Naho and Aoi to the Entertainment District, which impressed the Hashira enough to change his mind and take him, Inosuke and Zenitsu instead.
  • He helped and assisted Tengen Uzui into saving his wives from Daki and Gyutaro within the Red Light District.
  • He's so honest he can't keep a normal expression when lying (as shown when Koinatsu asked why he was interested in what happened to Suma).
  • Saved Koinatsu from being devoured by Daki.
  • When Nezuko went out of control when fighting Daki, he sings her a lullaby the same one their mother Kie use to sing to her. Driving Nezuko to tears as she remembers her, letting her sleep for awhile.
  • When Gyutaro offers Tanjiro to become a demon, he refused.
  • After having to fight Daki and Gyutaro before striking their heads off and saw them fighting, he stops them from arguing and sympathizes with them, despite they disheartened the boy in doing so.

Swordsmith Village Arc

  • Protected the swordsmiths when Hantengu and Gyokko attacked their village.
  • Killed Hantengu when he was about to head where the swordsmiths were at and continued his duty under request of Nezuko, despite leaving her to nearly die when the sun rises, she wanted him to go do his duty as a Demon Slayer and was tearfully regretting to make the hardest decision of his life. This was before discovering Nezuko had immunity towards the sunlight.

Hashira Training Arc

  • Duelled Sanemi to protect his convictions regarding Nezuko at his estate.
  • He protected and defended Genya when Sanemi was about to attack him, even going as far into calming him down and make a resolve to the situation despite what he had done to him and Nezuko.

Infinity Castle Arc

  • Protected Giyu Tomioka when Akaza was about to land a decisive hit on him.
  • Made Akaza realize his mistakes regarding his past, which made him throw the battle and give Tanjiro and Giyu the win without any regrets.

In General

  • Despite having to kill demons throughout his journey, it would sometimes be under self-defense or in battle time only, not to mention it was necessary since they've been going out their way with murder for decades. Although he does kill demons and does not forgive them for their actions, he still has every right to show remorse since he had a strong belief that despite what they've done, he views demons are tragic beings since they used to be human once, given his saddened and sympathetic expression as he was willing to comfort them to let them die in peace. Therefore, despite his kill count, it does not add up as a corrupting factor.
  • Despite wanting to avenge his family and those he cared for, such as Kyojuro Rengoku, who he looked up to, he learnt to put those aside and think of what's right to serve proper justice to those victimized by the demons. No matter how much he hated Muzan Kibutsuji for killing his mother and younger siblings, after hearing his remorseless speech about his murders, he knew he had to focus on killing him since he was beyond redemption and to prevent more tragedies he'll cause in the future. Additionally, even though he hated Akaza for what he had done to Rengoku, he sets his vengeance aside for Rengoku because it's not what he wanted for him to do, alongside focusing on fighting Akaza when he was too powerful against Giyu, and despite what Akaza said about Rengoku and the weak, he only calmly called him out for his beliefs and made a point about this. Therefore, with him learning to put aside his vengeance for his family and loved ones, what seemed to be corruptive in it does not stand to the factor or is completely subverted.
  • While it could be argued he had corrupting factors regarding some examples of bossing around Zenitsu and Inosuke for their reckless behaviors, holding hostility towards the Shinazugawa brothers, and calling out Yushiro for calling Nezuko "ugly". It should be noted that most of those moments aren't taken seriously and are only played for laughs. In addition, given Tanjiro's development so far in the series and how he interacted with others, these arguable factors are subverted.


  • He, alongside Kyojuro Rengoku, Mitsuri Kanroji, and Gyomei Himejima, are the only four Demon Slayer heroes to be Pure Good.
    • In addition to all three of the latter being Hashira, Tanjiro's the only Pure Good to be only be an average Demon Slayer and one of the main characters to be Pure Good.

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