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You can do it!
~ Tari encouraging her friends.

Tari is a major character in the adult-animated web series SMG4. She is a female cyborg who is adept at playing games and is friends with Mario, SMG4, Meggy, and the rest of SMG4's Gang.

She is voiced by Celeste Notley-Smith, who also voices her Meta Runner counterpart.


She is a major character in Season 8, the tritagonist of The Waluigi Arc, a major character in The Rapper Bob Arc, a major character in Season 9, the tertagonist of The Anime Arc, one of the two tritagonists (alongside Meggy) of Season 10, a supporting character in The YouTube Arc and a major character in Season 11, The SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special and the Genesis Arc.



Tari is kind, insecure about herself, and is shy. She is a cyborg girl who greatly enjoys playing video games such as Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. She is a peacemaker and most of the times attempts to fix issues with words instead of showing violence and actions. She is also goo with weapons like guns, however Tari isn't quite too athletic as well as she has a moderately low stamina. She commonly finds herself ending up in danger and getting hurt which means that she is capable of being shown to quite prone by in danger and susceptible. She also really like rubber ducks.

In The Mario Purge, she's appeared think fast due to the fact that in the episode she and Saiko Bichitaru tried to keep away the Teletubbies with a makeshift Molotov.

What Makes her Pure Good?

  • Unlike the other protagonists who are parodic (and often immoral for laughs), Tari is always kind and wholesome no matter the circumstances.
  • In the Waluigi Arc, she teaches Mario how to play games and helps him focus in his game against SMG4.
    • She also plays with SMG4 when he was sad after being defeated by Mario.
  • Also in the Waluigi Arc, she helps getting tickets to win the eggman football to give it to her friends.
  • In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018 she does her best to save SMG4 and Mario. Eventually, she destroys Waluigi's Rejection Staff, saving the world in the process.
  • She remains warm-hearted towards other characters.
  • She is greatly forgiving.
  • In the Rapper Bob Arc, she tries to help Boopkins when he got stuck on a well.
  • She helps chear up Boopkins after he felt sad about Bob abandoning him.
  • Also in the Rapper Bob Arc, she refused to resort to violence against Bob.
  • She helps her friends destroy Bob's reputation to stop him from continuing to insult them with his status.
  • She comforted Meggy when she was sad of never being able to win the Splatfest and her believing she was a disapointment alongside Mario and Luigi.
  • In the Anime Arc, she helped rescue Meggy Spletzer and the Inklings from Francis, and was very sad about Desti’s death.
  • Also in the Anime Arc, even though she was one of the guys who falsely accused Axol, she promised not to hurt him.
  • She felt remorse for falsely acusing Axol.
  • She comforts Meggy when she is still grieving over Desti’s death and anxious about the upcoming Splatfest which involves Desti’s last wish for her to win it.
  • She saves Meggy during the Splatfest with the help of Mario and Luigi.
  • She helped Meggy win the Splatfest.
  • She saved Saiko’s life in “The Mario Purge”.
  • She seems to have the mindset of a child, as she is very clingy towards Meggy (but not in an obsessive way), and loves rubber duckies.
  • In The SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, she helps the others rescue Mario, SMG4 and SMG3 from SMG0.
  • She comforted Boopkins when he was sad about how Bob and SMG4 were treating him.
  • If she somehow commits a criminal act, it's often because of some mistake, and not out of any malicious intent.
  • In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, she helps SMG4 and Melony rescue Mario and kill SMG0. She would also comfort Melony about Axol's death.
  • In SMG4: Mario Gets Into NFTS, she and Bob are the only ones who don’t get turned into NFTs by Mario when he went on his rampage. Tari proceeded to fight against Mario to try and stop his rampage, and in the end, undid everything that Mario did, saving her friends and dozens of innocents.
  • In Revelations, when Niles started apocalypse, she, along the other Gang members, saved many people by getting them to a bunker.
  • In "Mario Goes To A Zoo", she, with her duckies, helped to stop drunk with power over pigs Bob and almost succeeded in it.
  • In "Mario meets a demon and is shortly beheaded" she along Luigi turned Saiko good again and even tried to make Kaizo turn good too.
  • While she isn't as admirable as Melony, who saved the entire World from Zero, Tari also has far less resources as Melony is a demigod, while Tari is just a girl with cyborg hand. In addition, Tari is less wrathful than her.
    • Plus Tari still stands out to be admirable enough as she persuades hope within her friends and make lives around her better and saved the world using all of her resources to the maximum potential.


  • Tari was the first SMG4 hero to be considered Pure Good, the second being Melony and the third being SMG0.
  • She is one of the rare few Pure Good heroes to come from adult cartoons as most heroes from adult cartoons are either anti-heroic, grey zoned, on & off, played for laughs, have villainous sides or all.

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