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Tarzan is the titular main protagonist of Disney's 37th full-length animated feature film with the same name. He is the adoptive son of Kala and Kerchak and was adopted by them right after the death of his biological parents.

He was voiced by Tony Goldwyn as an adult and by Alex D. Linz as his younger self. In the TV series, he was voiced by Michael T. Weiss. His yells in the original movies are ironically performed by Clayton's voice actor Brian Blessed.



Tarzan is a very energetic, passionate man who usually spends most of his time with Terk. He held a very deep love for his mother, Kala, and was also very loyal to his fellow apes. Because he wasn't an ape, he wasn't accepted by Kerchak, causing him to devote himself to getting stronger and being viewed by Kerchak as both an ape and as his son. Since he was the only one of his kind, Tarzan was naturally very curious when meeting other humans and grew very attached to herm, particularly Jane. He is also shown to be very brave and selfless, choosing to fight against Sabor despite having seen him take down Kerchak, then leading the charge against Clayton and his men even after he was banished by Kerchak. Tarzan shows a surprising lack of hatred, more shocked than angry about Clayton's betrayal, refusing to kill Clayton with his shotgun, trying to warn Clayton to stop cutting the vines around him to save his life, and actually looking saddened when seeing Clayton's hanging corpse even after everything Clayton had done.

Power and Abilities

Having been raised by apes, Tarzan possesses peak human strength, speed and agility. Though he doesn't possess the same level of animal strength as gorillas, he makes up for this with his human intellect, making make-shift weapons and utilizing strategy in his confrontations with enemies. Furthermore, when pushed into a corner, Tarzan is able to push his strength to it's limits, actually managing to hold back Kerchak long enough for Jane and the others to flee.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

Tarzan (1999)

  • He possesses a generally positive, trusting and caring attitude towards everyone.
  • He doesn't hold a grudge against Kerchak for refusing to accept him and does whatever he can to get that acceptance from him.
  • He saves Kerchak by fighting Sabor, murdering the leopard to ensure the gorillas remain safe near dying in the process and only murders Sabor once left with no other choice.
  • He goes out of his way to save Jane, risking his life to fight off an army of monkeys to ensure her safety despite having just met her.
  • When Jane is drawing a picture of a bird and the bird flies away, Tarzan takes her to an area with multiple birds for her to draw and marvel at.
  • Despite disagreeing with his decision, Tarzan still chose to obey Kerchak and keep the location of the gorillas hidden from the others out of loyalty to Kerchak, only breaking his word when he believes that seeing the gorillas would make Jane stay with him.
  • He expresses sincere remorse for betraying Kerchak's trust and revealing the location of the gorillas to Jane, Archimedes and Clayton.
  • Despite having been banished by Kerchak, he chooses to return to fight for his home and keep the gorillas safe.
  • When given the option to kill Clayton with his shotgun, he refuses to stoop to murder and destroys the shotgun.
  • When Clayton is trapped in vines, cutting them while unknowingly getting one wrapped around his throat, Tarzan tries to warn Clayton to stop, despite the fact that he betrayed Tarzan's trust, tried to imprison his family and shot Kerchak.
  • Upon Clayton's death, Tarzan took no pleasure in it and looked at his hanging corpse with a somber expression, demonstrating his lack of vengeance and sadism towards his enemies.
  • He apologizes to Kerchak for revealing the gorillas to Clayton and sobs while he holds Kerchak in his arms and forgiving Kerchak for mistreating him for so many years.
  • He saves the gorillas from being imprisoned or killed by Clayton and his men.

Tarzan and Jane (2002)

Tarzan II (2005)

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