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Beep boop beep!
~ Terrako

Terrako also known as the Diminutive Guardian, is the supporting hero of The Legend of Zelda spinoff title, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. It was constructed by Princess Zelda when she was a child and often played her lullaby to put her to sleep each night and plays it for her to comfort her when it senses her turmoil. In the game, it acts as Link, Zelda, and Impa's traveling companion throughout the game. It traveled from the future to the past to prevent the terrible tragedies that would ensue during the second Great Calamity.


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What Makes It Pure Good?

  • Once Terrako witnessed the ongoing disaster with Princess Zelda trying to protect Link, it creates a time portal to travel back in time to ensure that the warriors involved in the conflict would have more time to better prepare for it.
  • Terrako has bravely fought against Harbinger Ganon and its mutated form in the DLC Guardian of Remembrance twice, since it posed a serious threat to its intentions of saving Hyrule and several others from the upcoming disaster, even if the odds are against it. It was out of self-defence that Terrako did this.
  • Despite being a robot created by a human, Terrako has a clear moral agency & personality and is capable of having a free will; being able to make its own decisions and act on its own and has a level of sentience and personality through its interactions with various characters.
  • Terrako jumps in front of Sooga's tossed kunai, which was meant to end Zelda's life, despite Link blocking it with his shield.
  • Terrako often plays Zelda's Lullaby whenever Princess Zelda was sad or distressed multiple times; when she starts doubting if she would succeed, when she was giving in to despair after her father's presumed death as well as the impending dooms of the Champions, Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa, and when Zelda mourned its damaged state at the games climax. This also happens after Terrako is rebuilt and reunited with the princess.
  • While Terrako had a bit of a rivalry with Impa, often swatting her hand away when she tried to scold it, it makes it clear that it doesn't want to be bossed around, especially when it comes to Princess Zelda's ongoing dilemma of her dormant sealing power. It will still cooperate with her when the situation calls for it and it the secret DLC ending of Guardian of Remembrance, it was shown being at peace with her.
  • Terrako does not bear ill-will towards Revali or his countrymen for mistaking it for Harbinger Ganon, a Malice-possessed Guardian much like it that led the repeated attacks on Rito Village, getting them scared enough to think that Link and his companions are enemies. Like Impa, it stuck up for Link and dubs itself Zelda's protector as well. After some occasions where Terrako may get on Revali's nerves, it eventually befriends the Rito Champion after they've all gone through so much hardships.
  • After Calamity Ganon returns and all hope seemed lost for the heroes, Terrako summons time portals activated by Zelda's tears and it summoned the adult Prince Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju to protect their Champion predecessors, providing more time for Link, Zelda, and Impa to rescue them from the Blight Ganons and keep the Divine Beasts in their control.
  • Terrako is very forgiving to the Yiga Clan, who joined forces with the Hyrulean Army after the seer, Astor betrayed them by sacrificing their souls to revive the Blight Ganons and is cooperative with them while staying on the side of good.
  • Terrako had shown to be resisting the Malice that was corrupting it before succumbing to it and forced against its will to attack its allies and had to be damaged enough. Terrako weakly plays Zelda's Lullaby for the mourning princess for her to remember her full history with it, giving her and the warriors renewed determination to bring Calamity Ganon down.
  • Despite being damaged, Zelda's power during the final battle revitalized it enough to get it moving and it sacrificed itself to shatter Ganon's invincibility to give its friends an advantage and they are able to defeat it once and for all.

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