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He was born great. He ruled. He conquered. Before being overthrown. [...] Witness the return of the Chosen One.
~ The trailer for Animator vs. Animation III.

The Chosen One is the redeemed main antagonist of the Animator vs. Animation franchise. He's the former archenemy of the Animator and the best friend-turned-archenemy of the Dark Lord.

He serves as the titular main antagonist of Animator vs. Animation II and Animator vs. Animation III, the overarching antagonist of Animator vs. Animation IV, and the main protagonist of Animator vs. Animation V.

He is the Animator's second and greatest creation. Although originally a cruel villain seeking nothing but destruction, he eventually grows scared of the Dark Lord's madness, and redeems himself by turning against him to save both countless computers and the entire Internet.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Although he had many corrupting qualities while a villain, he ditches all of them post-redemption, including his vengefulness towards the Animator. While he's still lethal, it's not a corrupting quality as described below.
  • Even when a villain, he was shown to be quite merciful by offering the Dark Lord a chance to join him.
  • When he sees that the Dark Lord created a computer virus that he plans to spread around the entire world to destroy computers and claim more victims, he becomes horrified of his friend and tries to stop him.
  • He tried to talk down the Dark Lord peacefully, and only used violence against him when it was shown he is beyond redemption. Even then, he simply threw him on the floor, and it was the Dark Lord who tried to kill him with a giant fireball.
  • Despite the Animator torturing and keeping him as a slave for four years, he still manages to forgive him and go save his computer from a ViraBot by acknowledging him as his "father" and the one who gave him the powers he has.
  • He saves the Second Coming's life by arriving moments before the ViraBot kills him.
  • He kills the ViraBot that was sent by the Dark Lord to the Animator's computer.
  • It's shown that he has no ego as he simply ignores the Stick Gang once they start bowing before him due to his godlike powers.
  • He made peace with the Animator before leaving to confront the Dark Lord.
  • Although he needed the Animator's help and the Second Coming was the one who dealt the killing blow, he played a major role in the Dark Lord's defeat by killing the majority of the ViraBots he sent out.
  • Once the Second Coming defeats and quite possibly kills the Dark Lord, he bows before him as a way to show respect and acknowledge him as the stronger one between the two.
  • Overall, even if he needed help, he saved countless innocent lives from his once best friend.
  • Despite his seriousness, he keeps the story and mood lighthearted.
  • While it's true he is as lethal as he was while still a villain, it's been shown that 1) he tried to calm down the Dark Lord and used force only when necessary 2) the ViraBots were mindless beasts with no moral agency, and thus had to be stopped with violence. Because of this, all his post-redemption kills make him a Righteous Killer, and not Minor Lethal.


  • Despite his status as the main antagonist of the series, he is the only Animator vs. Animation character to be Pure Good.
  • He was originally considered to be Inconsistently Admirable due to his lethality and berserker status, before it was decided that the "berserker" category doesn't apply to him, as while he has a wrathful way of fighting, he's shown to be calm and peaceful outside of it. He was then approved as Near Pure Good, but once it was decided that all his kills were justified following his redemption, he was approved as Pure Good.
  • The Chosen One and the Dark Lord are polar opposites. The former was a villain who managed to redeem himself and become a Wholly Reformed Pure Good, while the Dark Lord was a hero who fell into villainy, becoming a Pure Evil who's Wholly Debased.

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