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Come on!
~ Link calling his dungeon partner, as well as one of only two coherent quotes from him.
~ Link pretending to be a cat, as well as his other only coherent quote.

Link, also nicknamed Toon Link, is the main protagonist of the "Adult Timeline" of the Legend of Zelda franchise, serving as the main protagonist of The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. He is a cartoonish-designed incarnation of Link who lives in the islands of Great Sea.

He is currently voiced by Sachi Matsumoto.

What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • When his younger sister Aryll is kidnapped by the Helmaroc King, he immediately rushes to save her, even nearly running off a cliff to catch her.
  • He convinces Tetra and the pirates to assist him in his journey to save his sister.
  • He defeats many of Ganondorf's troops terrorizing the Great Sea.
  • He has calmed the raging Sky Spirit Valoo by defeating Gohma and saved Medli, who was imprisoned at the top of Dragon Roost. This also gives Prince Komali, who was initially cold to him, confidence to speak with Valoo to get a scale that would give him his wings and parts with Din's Pearl, which Link needs to access the Tower of the Gods.
  • He accepts the Great Deku Tree's request to save Makar, who fell into the Forbidden Woods which was infested with plant-based monsters and he defeats Kalle Demos to free him and bring him back to Forest Haven, in time for the ceremony and Link is given Farore's Pearl.
  • He infiltrates the Forsaken Fortress and rescues Aryll, as well as the other two prisoners locked there.
  • Even after rescuing Aryll, he joins Tetra on her quest after she is discovered to be Princess Zelda.
  • After he finds out that the Master Sword lost its power due to the deaths of Laruto and Fado, he goes out and awakens two new Sages, Medli and Makar to take their places and restore the sword's power.
  • He uses the Master Sword to permanently kill Ganondorf, preventing him from regaining control over Hyrule and forever ending his constant revivals.

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