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NOTE: This page is only about the human Twilight Sparkle as her pony counterpart was voted Near Pure Good, and thus only human Twilight's info should be put here.

Twilight Sparkle (also known as Sci-Twi) is a supporting character in the Equestria Girls franchise.

She is voiced by Tara Strong and her singing voice is done by Rebecca Shoichet.

What Makes her Pure Good?

  • She accepted Sunset's offer of friendship, which leads to her redemption when overcoming her fear of transforming into Midnight Sparkle. She also didn't have moral agency when she was in the state.
  • Defeated Gloriosa Daisy alongside with her friends.
  • Helped Rarity sneaks into Crystal Prep to confront them.
  • Revealed the true mastermind (Juniper Montage) behind the theft of the props for the Daring Do movie.
  • Helped her friends study for the final exam.
  • Secretly helps Trixie with her magic tricks performance.
  • Defeated Wallflower Blush along with her friends by destroying the Memory Stone.
  • Defeating Vignette Valencia along with her friends by destroying the enchanted smartphone.
  • Dispelled a magical thunderstorm born from the Storm King.
  • Saved the passengers from sinking ship with her friends.
  • Helped the Apple family foiling Flim Flams' annual holiday prank.
  • Refused one of her friends' ridiculous ideas
  • Asking Principal Celestia to unlock the school doors.
  • In "Best Trends Forever" she forgave Rarity after she explains about the trend.
  • Despite the highest admirable standards, she ultimately stands out due to having few resources other than her leadership and strategizing methods.
  • Unlike her Pegasus-Pony self, she is much more selfless and caring and doesn’t show any of the similar corrupting factors as the ladder.

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