Pure Good Wiki

While this wiki is still young, I would like to bring up the subject that we are in need of categories that must be added to this page.

  • Genre Categories: Surely we all need to know which setting the hero came from and if such categories are to be created, it would have go by, for example "Science Fiction Pure Goods", "Video Game Pure Goods" "Movie Pure Goods" etc. I know this is related to the Heroes Wiki, but we would want it to be able to stand out as a separate wiki rather than another clone of Heroes Wiki.
  • Special Cases That Can Apply: These are categories that can somewhat difficult (but not impossible) for these characters to qualify, but they can if they meet certain conditions and meet all criteria. The Pure Good category has a list of such categories. The categories under Categories that Cannot Apply are strictly forbidden, as they are considered a corrupting factor or they just don't fit the definition of what makes a Pure Good hero.

More to come... Any suggestions are welcome as long as they are civil and don't create any grounds for unnecessary arguments. Remember, they have to have something to do with heroism.