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Right, personally one of my favourites. Here we go.


So, I’m here proposing SMG4’s Tari. The meta runner version is already on this wiki, but the SMG4 version isn’t. Both are definitely Pure Good, but for different reasons. I’m just gonna talk about the SMG4 version.

What’s the work? Who’s the candidate?

SMG4 is a comedy series on YouTube, focusing on a dumb version of Mario, Luigi, SMG4 and their friends doing stupid, funny stuff. It’s full of memes, but despite this, I feel like Tari can still qualify. She isn’t portrayed as that funny.

Tari is a cyborg and gamer girl who loves Rubber Ducks. She was introduced during The Waluigi Arc, as the deuteragonist. She is a flipping angel. She is kind to absolutely everyone, and always shows concern for others. She’s insecure, clumsy, and shown to be a pacifist, as shown in “The Big Bad Bully”, where she didnt want much confrontation with Wario. She also doesn’t like insulting others, as when she calls Belle “so mean and as cold as ice”, she instantly apologises. Tari is shown to be very skilled with weapons such as guns.

What has she done?

Ok, she’s actually done more then just be kind to everyone. Recently in “Mario Goes to the Dentist”, she screamed when Swag ran over a bunch of people, hoping they were ok. She also refused to shoot at Chris and Saiko, when Swag told her too, but then Swag said it was full of gum, so she shot it, but it was real bullets. Thankfully they weren’t hurt, but she got pretty angry at Swag for tricking her, yelling “IM SORRY SAIKO!!!”

In “The Mario Purge”, she saved Saiko’s life, by pushing her over, saving her from an arrow which was aimed at the back of her head. In the Anime Arc, she helped Meggy train for the splatfest, and help retrieve her weapons from Desti. When Meggy was kidnapped, she helped find her, and took part in the final battle, distracting False Goku so Axol could draw more characters. She cried when Desti died, telling her to wake up, and even escorting her body away to safety. In Meggys Destiny, she helped Meggy win the splatfest and keep her promise. She constantly made sure Meggy was happy, and always cheered her up when she was sad.

However, this doesn’t compare to her in the Waluigi Arc. In “War of the fat Italians 2018”, when Waluigi forced Mario to beat up SMG4, she took control of SMG4 and helped him fight back, but then eventually went for Waluigi’s staff, destroying it, saving the world in the process. Overall, she may be a pacifist, but she is still heroic.

Corrupting Factors? Moral Agency?

Clear Agency. And no corrupting factors at all. Most of the crew are anti heroes, are on and off, or have corrupting qualities. Tari has none. Whenever she does anything bad, it’s due to someone else tricking her into thinking it’s something good. While she can be incompetent, some other pure Good heroes can be too, so this isn’t corrupting.

Admirable Standard?

This is Kinda Tricky. But I’d say she beats the others, even Axol. If not for her, the world would’ve fallen to Waluigi’s rampage. So yes, she passes it.


Tari gets an easy yes.