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This is my first Pure Good Proposal.

So yeah, wasn’t really expecting this. The Genesis Arc has brought in the first ever SMG4 pure evil in the main series, and hopefully the second pure good in the series as well. So yeah, I’m proposing Melony. LET’S A F**KING GOOOO!!!

(Also I got permission from CrystallicWolf108 to copy parts of their proposal over on the Hero Fanon wiki, so if you’re wondering why mine looks similar to theirs, that’s why.)

What’s the Work?

SMG4 is a famous YouTube web series that started back in 2011. Earlier in the show, it was about a bunch of random multicoloured Marios doing random things. However, in more recent years, the show has begun to shaft out of the Mario Recolours, and has begun developing original characters for the show instead, also beginning to become more dark and serious, while still retaining some of the charm of the older era.

Who is she? What has she done?

Melony is one of the newest characters on the show. She at one point was just a watermelon who could hack, but she eventually got turned into a human. She joined the main cast pretty quickly after becoming a human. At first, all she really did was sleep or hang out with Axol, but in the Genesis arc, it was shown she was much more then a cute face.

Ok, pre genesis arc, she was pretty helpful at one point. She used her hacking skills to help turn Meggy back to normal from the mask. But is that enough? Nah. Know what is? Heheheh… In the 10th anniversary, her fierce deity mask was put to use for the first time, as she helped fight against the corrupted memes. She also helped rescue Mario, SMG4, SMG3, X, FM and the other mario recolours from SMG0. She even saved Axol’s life from the zombies.

Now, some more minor achievements she did in the Genesis arc. Let’s start with Into the dark web. Here, she helps Mario, SMG4, Bob and Axol hack into the terminal by getting through the dark web to find more origins. She literally got traumatised, but after she was helped by Axol, she got back to finishing her back right away. Now, its time for the day HE arrived. When Axol is injured by SMG0, she is extremely upset about it, and cries. But when hes revealed to be “ok”, she is extremely happy. Then we have Doomsday but Mario is okay. She remains concerned for Axol, asking Boopkins where he went. But really, although she was helpful here, she doesnt completley stand out until we finally get to the final two episodes of the Genesis Arc.

Its time for The Final Peice. She helps fight against Ax0l, even trying to get the real Axol back. When she has Ax0l pinned, she sees the real axol, and refuses to kill him. Then she is transported to his mind, where the real Axol is being held hostage. Axol confesses his love for Melony by showing his manga of him confessing to Melony, but he left it empty for Melony to respond, and when Axol is being pulled back, Melony tells Axol she is going to save him, crying out for him. Offscreen, she finishes his manga, with a sweet drawing of her saying “Okie!” while hugging Axol.

Now for WOTFI 2021, she helps fight against SMG0, infact, she is the most important character in this episode. She helps free Mario from SMG0’s grasp, and then she enters Ax0l’s mouth, and enters his mind again, where she meets Axol again. She desperatley tries to free him, but Axol tells her its no use, and that theres only one way to defeat SMG0. Melony then bursts into tears, begging for another way, but when Axol reassures her, she shows him the manga, where she confesses she likes him too, then she gives Axol a kiss. Axol thanks her for the adventure, and then Melony realises she has to. She screams Axols name out, and kills him, which also kills SMG0, saving countless universes from his wrath. Melony then bursts into tears after, because of Axol’s death. A few days later, she is seen trying to continue on Axol’s legacy, but she still mourns him.

So in conclusion, she has saved countless universes by killing SMG0, which firmly puts her up with Axol and Tari as the shows most admirable characters.

Corrupting Qualities?

Now, there are only four I can think of tbh. So I am going to counter them.

  1. “She is Amoral” Now, initially she was placed on amoral in the past, but ever since she’s become a human, it’s become clear she has one, next!
  2. ”She is a Pervert” Now, she was falsley added here due to exposing Eggman’s nudes in WOTFI. Now, this doesnt make her a pervert, as she had to do it to pass. What was she supposed to do? Refuse, and then not be able to stop SMG0? No. So yeah, she doesnt count as a heroic pervert, as it was a life or death situation that is played for laughs.
  3. Someone may point out the way she acted in “Mario has a BBQ except hes not invited”. She got horrified and angry at the fact fruits were being eaten, as she saw it as her friends being hurt, and she destroyed the food table, and got into a fight with Meggy and Tari, angrily declaring “NO MORE HURTING MY FRIENDS!!!”. However, once it all settled down, she deeply apolagised to Meggy and Tari, saying “im sorry” over and over while hugging Tari. Since she felt remorse, this counts as a mere heating up period.
  4. I can tell someone’s gonna try and say “ShE kIlLeD aXoL sO nO!” Well, first off, she didn’t want to kill Axol AT ALL! She felt remorse for it. Secondly, Axol told her to, and thirdly, it was the only way to stop SMG0 for good. So is it a bad quality? No. You should feel sorry for Melony, she had to kill her love interest. She didn’t want to.

So in conclusion, Melony lacks any real corrupting qualities. Anythint bad she does is either out of misguidance (but not incompetance, she is HIGHLY intelligent.), or a heating up period.

Admirable Standard?

She killed SMG0, a pure evil villain who was going to destroy her universe. She passes for sure.

Final Verdict

A big ol’ yes for me, but whatever else you vote for you guys.