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~ WALL-E tells his name to EVE.

WALL•E (full name: Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class; stylized as WALL-E) is the titular main protagonist of Pixar's 9th full-length animated feature film WALL•E.

He is one of many units of the same kind and the only surviving one. Despite only being an robot, over the 700 years he has been on Earth he has developed a personality and clear moral agency, and falls in love with another robot named EVE. When he finds a plant indicating that Earth is still habitable, he embarks on a journey with EVE to bring everyone back home.

He was voiced by Ben Burtt.


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What Makes Him Pure Good?

  • Despite being a robot, he has a clear personality and moral agency, doing good out of will instead of simple obligation. He actively wants to get humans back to Earth.
  • He is a very pleasant hero. He is very friendly and curious when meeting humans, other robots, and even a cockroach, and helps to improve their lives (i.e. teach them something, provide services).
  • He kept dutifully fulfilling his mission to pick up garbage, crush them into cubes and add them to large stacks of it for years despite being the only one of his kind who was still operational.
  • When he encounters a cockroach and accidentally runs it over, he is horrified by its supposed death, and is relieved when he finds it is still alive, befriending it and naming it Hal.
  • He befriends EVE, helping her find shelter during a sandstorm and showing her several random objects.
  • When EVE goes into a stasis mode, he takes care of her, taking her across the ruined city and spending time with her.
  • When EVE is being taken away, he rushes to try and save her. When Hal wants to accompany him, WALL-E tells him to stay, not wanting to get the cockroach hurt.
  • He helps John who fell off of his hover chair.
  • He breaks the computer screen of a woman named Mary, allowing her to free herself of the isolated world she'd been living in and see the world around her, amazing her.
  • Upon meeting Captain McCrea, he respectfully shakes his hand.
  • He frees all the other defective robots who are imprisoned.
  • When he believes EVE is being tortured, WALL-E rushes to her aid to try and save her.
  • He refuses to leave the Axiom without EVE.
  • He takes special care to save the plant before the escape pod explodes even though he could've easily ignored it and focused on saving himself.
  • He saves the plant from being thrown down the garbage chute by GO-4.
  • He sacrifices himself by being electrocuted and crushed to protect the plant and save the humans.
  • Despite their earlier disagreement, WALL-E befriends M-O and shakes his hand.
  • When he is nearly killed after AUTO electrocuted him and EVE finally started to return his affection, he is focused on helping EVE complete her directive. Although part of the reason was because this was the only way to return to Earth and save him, WALL-E solely wanted to help EVE and the humans even at the expense of his life, showing how selfless he truly is.
  • He teaches the humans to become more active and appreciate the world and each other instead of sitting all day and submitting to consumerism.

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