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It's time to make some wrong things right.
~ Winston Deavor

Winston Deavor is a major character in Pixar's Incredibles 2. He is the head of a world-class telecommunications company alongside his genius sister, Evelyn Deavor.

He was voiced by Bob Odenkirk.

What's Make Him Pure Good?

  • Despite going through the same tragedy Evelyn did, he didn’t allow it to make him bitter or vengeful, not just towards superheroes, but even seemingly towards the burglars who shot his father and the government itself for making them illegal. Instead, he built up his father’s company into one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world and decided to devote his efforts to helping make superheroes legal again, especially after the Relocation Program is shut down in the present, which cuts off their financial support, believing this will help prevent similar tragedies.
  • He invites Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible, Helen Parr/Elastigirl and Lucius Best/Frozone to a meeting where he explains the plan he’s devised to change the public’s perception of them; have them participate in undercover missions that will be recorded by small cameras on their suits so that their earnest desires to help people will be seen and appreciated, rather than keep allowing others to only see whatever incidental negative results come from their efforts since that’s what news coverage always focuses on.
  • He wisely decides that Helen/Elastigirl will be the one to launch this campaign with since she has a good record of accomplishing feats without causing collateral damage. When Bob expresses enthusiasm to participate, he turns him down in the nicest way possible by explaining that he admires his enthusiasm and that they’ll eventually solve many problems together, but that going by the statistics, this was the best way to build trust first.
  • After Elastigirl thinks it through and accepts the offer, he gets the Parr family out of their motel room and allows them to stay in one of his fancy extra houses with no strings attached. By doing this, he bailed them out of a precarious situation where they could have easily been homeless in a couple of weeks unless Bob or Helen had gotten a job quickly enough.
  • Thanks to his idea to position Elastigirl in the city of New Urbem where crime is biggest, she’s present when Screenslaver sabotages the hovertrain during its opening ceremony, which allows her to be there to save it from derailing, making him indirectly credible for her saving all the people onboard.
  • Thanks to the success of this mission and her subsequently saving an ambassador that Screenslaver attempts to assassinate, all of which is recorded and shared to the public like he intended, many people start to view not just Elastigirl, but all superheroes more positively, to the extent the push for superhero legalization starts becoming a worldwide movement.
  • When Helen expresses concern about Screenslaver still being at large, to boost her morale and demonstrate the difference they’re already making, he introduces her to multiple aspiring superheroes he flew in from around the world like Voyd, He-Lectrix, Brick, Krushauer, Screech and Reflux, who thanks to their efforts, have been able to come out of hiding. This also allows them to express their gratitude to her and tell her how much of an inspiration she is to them.
  • After Helen seemingly defeats the Screenslaver and gets him arrested, he announces at a party that leaders from over 100 of the world’s top countries have agreed to make superheroes legal again, and for the occasion, he’s invited both them and many superheroes for an official televised signing at sea on his yacht, the Everjust.
  • During the broadcast while hosting the summit (unaware of Evelyn’s plan to sabotage it), he stresses the importance of ensuring gifted people will now be treated fairly and invited to use their gifts to benefit the world.
  • When Evelyn takes him out of the room where he, the world leaders and the superheroes accompanying them are being mesmerized by a giant screen with a hypnotic pattern that she put up and tries to leave with him on a helicopter while she has the sabotaged yacht crash into the city, he refuses to go with her and leaps back onto the yacht. He then disables the screen by jamming a metal rod into it, snapping all the world leaders and superheroes out of their trance and directs them to the back of the ship where they’ll be safer when the yacht crashes.
  • Despite realizing everything his sister did by that point, he expresses gratitude to Helen for saving her life.
  • Thanks in large part to his successful campaign and strategy, it is announced at City Hall that the legal status of all superheroes has been restored.


  • He is one of two characters from The Incredibles who's considered Pure Good along with Helen Parr/Elastigirl.

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