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Greetings, friend. If you have found this recording, then I am no longer here. My name is Zane. I am a stranger in this land trying to find my way home. It is difficult to keep track of the days in this place. It feels like I've been here a long time. But I refuse to give up hope. The mech's processing unit is damaged. I may be able to fix it, but it requires running a diagnostic. I will attempt to connect myself to the mech's processor. As long as the cable is not disconnected, I should be okay. But if anything goes wrong, if this should be found one day, please relay this message. This is the last recording of Zane. Master of Ice. Son of Dr. Julien. Student of Master Wu. I was built to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I have tried to fulfill this purpose. I have no regrets. I had the best friends anyone could ask for. P.I.X.A.L., I love you. Farewell.
~ Zane’s prerecorded message after getting stranded in the Never Realm.
I stand for peace, freedom, and courage in the face of all who threaten Ninjago
~ Zane to P.I.X.A.L when she asks him what he stands for.
Protect those who cannot protect themselves.
~ Zane's purpose.

Zane, also known as the Titanium Ninja, is one of the three tritagonists of the Ninjago franchise. He is the first Nindroid ever created and the Elemental Master of Ice who is recruited by Master Wu alongside three others to train as ninja and unlock their elemental powers to protect Ninjago and the realms from various threats and discovered his true heritage along the way. He is the boyfriend of P.I.X.A.L.

What Makes Him Pure Good?


  • While he is a robot (or Nindroid to be precise), he has a clear understanding of right and wrong, the capacity to feel and express emotions, and free-will to commit actions on his own accord. In other words, he has moral agency and sapience with even his own inventor pointing out himself that Zane evolved beyond his programming and did things he was never programmed to do. Further shown when despite having his memory cache emptied, Zane regains his memory and breaks free of Vex and the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu’s control through sheer willpower alone. Overall, Zane has had full moral agency since even before the events of the series began.

Pilot Episodes

  • Although he initially attacked Kai with Cole and Jay, this wasn't out of malice but under Sensei Wu's orders as a final test for Kai and he was always polite to Kai unlike Cole and Jay once they were formally introduced by Sensei Wu.
  • He got the map of the location of the golden weapons from Samukai and used it with the other ninja to find the Scythe of Quakes.
  • He unlocked Spinjitzu with the other ninja to defeat Samukai and the Skeleton army and escape from the dragon protector.
  • He got the Ice shurikens and escaped from the dragon protector.
  • He realized and informed Jay and Cole that Samukai and Garmadon had taken all the golden weapons into the Underworld and reunited with Kai (and met his sister Nay) after Kai tamed the dragon protector of the Sword of Fire. He also asked Nya on behalf of Jay if her favorite color was blue since Jay couldn’t talk.
  • He traveled to the Underworld with the other ninja on the dragon protectors and created the Tornado of Creation with them to defeat the skeleton army.
  • He picked up the Ice shurikens after Samukai’s death and Garmadon’s escape from the Underworld and vowed with the other ninja that they would be ready to stop Garmadon, whenever he returned.

Season 1

  • He was the only one who wasn’t arrogant or a jerk towards Sensei Wu when he warned the ninja that Garmadon would eventually return and he assured Wu that they would be ready when Garmadon returned.
  • He went with the ninja to stop Lord Garmadon when he (supposedly) returned and attacked Jamanakai village, only to discover that it was his whiny son Lloyd Garmadon and after stopping him from stealing candy, he showed Lloyd the right thing to do by buying candy for the other ninja.
  • He informed the ninja about the Green Ninja prophecy through reading Wu’s scroll that Kai got (Zane didn’t know Kai stole it) which stated one ninja would rise above the rest to become the legendary Green Ninja destined to defeat the Dark Lord.
  • He went with the ninja to Jamankai village to stop Lloyd after he released the Serpentine but stopped Jay from using the golden weapons as it was too dangerous and could hurt the hypnotized citizens.
  • He defeated Lloyd and felt remorse as he realized Sensei Wu was right and the ninja should have dealt with Lloyd the first time around instead of not taking him seriously, apologizing to Wu with the other ninja and assuring Wu that they would all train to defeat the Serpentine.
  • He befriended a mysterious falcon and followed him to discover Lloyd’s secret treehouse base, taking the rest of the ninja there so they could take it down.
  • He helped Jay up to the treehouse and destroyed it with him and Kai.
  • He saved Kai from falling to his death when a brainwashed Cole attacked them.
  • He had his dragon Frosty put out the fire after the Serpentine burned down the monastery.
  • Even though the other ninja lashed out at him and unfairly blamed him for the Serpentine attack, he had no anger towards them and only left to follow the falcon when he saw it again. In fact, when he came back and reunited with the ninja, he told them they didn’t need to apologize and instead led them to see what he had found.
  • He discovered the old ship the Destiny’s Bounty for the heroes to use as their new base following the destruction of the monastery.
  • He cleaned up the Bounty with the other ninja and informed Jay’s parents of the things he was working on when they came to visit.
  • He and the others went with Jay to visit his parents and helped save them from the Fangpyre.
  • He tried to figure out the riddle Wu told the ninja to solve about what the best way to defeat your enemy is, proposing it was teamwork, and accepting a redeemed Lloyd once Wu told them the best way to defeat your enemy is to make them your friend.
  • He went with Cole to the Constrictai tomb to stop Pythor from opening it and he discovered that Pythor was trying to unite the tribes so they could get the four Fangblades to release the legendary Great Devourer to kill everyone in Ninjago.
  • He saved Cole and himself from the Constrictai leader using the magic flute and went with Cole to warn Jay and Kai they were walking into a trap.
  • He thanked the mysterious Samurai X for saving him and the other ninja from the Serpentine.
  • He went with the rest of the ninja to Ninjago City to stop the Serpentine tribes from uniting using the destructive power of rumors and he rescued Kai, Cole, and Jay from the Serpentine when they were captured and led them to safety.
  • He didn’t take the credit for rescuing the ninja but instead thanked Lloyd as without Lloyd turning his suit pink, he would never have been able to blend in and later rescue the ninja from the Serpentine.
  • Unlike the other ninja, he wasn’t hateful towards the mysterious hero Samurai X who was “stealing” the ninja’s thunder and when they were all captured by the Serpentine, he proposed the ninja work together with Samurai X so they could all stop the Serpentine.
  • He led the ninja to follow his falcon friend and discovered the falcon was a robot. Upon repairing the falcon, he famously discovered that he was a robot and regained his memory of his father/inventor, unlocking his true potential and saving the other ninja from the treehorn predators.
  • He complimented Nya on how good she kept her secret after she revealed her identity as Samurai X to the rest of the ninja.
  • He competed in the singing/dancing competition with the other  ninja to win the Blade Cup, which contained the second Fangblade (although Pythor stole it.) and celebrate Cole’s reconciliation with his father.
  • He was willing to sacrifice himself by jumping in front of Sensei Wu to protect him when he thought Garmadon was about to ambush him but agreed to treat Garmadon as their house guest with the rest of the ninja to rescue Lloyd
  • He went with the other ninja, Wu, and Garmadon to rescue Lloyd at the Fire Temple, helping getting Garmadon out the temple with Cole when it collapsed, and celebrating when Kai came out with Lloyd having unlocked his true potential and realized from him with the others that Lloyd was the destined Green Ninja and it was their collective destiny to train and protect him.
  • He helped interrogate one Serpentine and pointed out to him that if Pythor released the Great Devourer, it would consume the Serpentine too which motivated him to realize releasing the Great Devourer was an insane plan and Pythor had to be stopped.
  • He raised a glass in honor of Garmadon with the others after he helped them get the four Fangblades from Pythor but left as his purpose was fulfilled.
  • He convinced the other ninja that they had to give up their golden weapons to Garmadon as it was the only way to stop the Devourer as every other simulated scenario he ran wouldn’t work and helped trap the Devourer so Garmadon could destroy her once and for all.
  • He reunited with Sensei Wu when Wu turned out to survive the Great Devourer and celebrated with the rest of the heroes the defeat of the Devourer while vowing with them to train Lloyd and teach him to do the right thing so he will be ready to face Garmadon (who betrayed the ninja and left with their golden weapons).

Season 2

  • He helped clean up Ninjago City following the Great Devourer attack and like Cole, he was skeptical of the idea that the ninja should get a fancy new home instead of focusing all their time on training Lloyd.
  • He defeated the three Serpentine generals by making makeshift weapons from the abandoned bus they were all on and stopped the train with Kai and Cole to save Jay.
  • He felt remorse with the other ninja about previously focusing on paying for their fancy suite instead of training Lloyd, and decided with the rest of them to move into the cheap, broken down home instead to focus on training him, reminding the others that now that they didn’t have any distractions, they could all focus on that.
  • He helped train Lloyd with the other ninja and he figured out that Lloyd had the power to harness all their elemental powers as the Green Ninja.
  • He and the other ninja fought off the revived Captain Soto and his pirates to rescue Darreth and protect Ninjago and after the pirates defeat, he inspired Lloyd with the others to remain firm in his resolve when Garmadon reemerged and took the recreated Bounty and taunted them to give up.
  • He discovered a hidden passage so the ninja and the Darkley’s school teachers could escape after the children took over the school and held them hostage in a room of traps and with Lloyd (who redeemed the children) and the student’s help, he and the ninja defeated their evil clones and celebrated Lloyd coming to save the day and his greater control of his powers afterwards.
  • He and the ninja won the Ninjaball Run race to save Darreth’s dojo from being bought out and destroyed.
  • He had the ninja destroy Garmadon’s golden staff forged from the golden weapons to reset time back to normal after Garmadon traveled back in time to try and kill them.
  • He saved news anchor Gayle Gossip from the Stone army and helped evacuate Ninjago City with the rest of the ninja from them.
  • He sent the falcon on reconnaissance to the Dark Island and journeyed there to stop Garmadon and the ancient embodiment of evil called the Overlord once and for all.
  • He reunited with and freed his father from his captivity in a lighthouse and risked his life to free the Leviathan guard from its chains which convinced the Leviathan to let the heroes go. He reasoned that no one deserved to be held captive, not even a monster when Wu asked him how he knew freeing the Leviathan would convince the Leviathan to let them go.
  • He rescued the falcon and the ninja from the Stone Army.
  • He informed the ninja that Garmadon and the Overlord had taken their ultimate weapon to the coast to use it to attack and corrupt Ninjago into their own evil image.
  • He held off a corrupted Nya with the other ninja and imprisoned her in an ice block so they could go back and reunite with Lloyd, Wu, and Misako for the battle against the Overlord.
  • He helped get Lloyd to the top of the Overlord’s fortress with the other ninja, holding back a corrupted Jay and Cole so Lloyd could make it to the top and celebrating with all the heroes after Lloyd defeated the Overlord and saved Ninjago from his corruption and purged his father of the evil corruption as well while vowing with the others to be ready for whatever comes next.

Season 3

  • He cooled down Jay’s pudding cup as Jay wanted a cool cup after Cole stole and ate Jay’s original cup.
  • He showed the other ninja how to use the Techno blades by hacking a helicopter and evacuated them, Nya, Wu, and their students from the Overlord’s forces, vowing to go back for Wu after Wu was captured to let them and Lloyd escape with the Techno blades.
  • He exclaimed how great it was that they had a redeemed Sensei Garmadon on their side unlike the other ninja.
  • He offered and convinced the ninja that he could stay behind and watch over the Techno blades since weapons weren’t allowed in Garmadon’s monastery.
  • He captured a brainwashed P.I.X.A.L to stop her from stealing the Techno blades and used his blade to free her from the Overlord’s brainwashing.
  • He thanked P.I.X.A.L for repairing him and saved her from the Nindroids, staying with her when she died due to the ninja shutting down the power and mutually confessing their feelings for each other.
  • He sacrificed half of his heart/power source to revive P.I.X.A.L, sharing a romantic moment with her, and trying to stop Cole and Jay from fighting over Nya.
  • He defeated General Cryptor and his Nindroids with P.I.X.A.L
  • He saved the ninja from a brainwashed Wu and sent his falcon to warn Lloyd and Garmadon that the Overlord survived and that the person who revived him/brainwashed Wu was a Serpentine.
  • He apologized to Skales once the Nindroids appeared and revealed to have followed the ninja to the Serpentine home even though it wasn’t his fault.
  • He saved Kai in the Digiverse.
  • He defeated the Overlord and rebooted the computer system of Ninjago through sheer willpower to never give up, harnessing Lloyd’s golden power, and getting the ninja to reflect the light of their combined technoblades, purging the Overlord out and freeing Wu and all the robots from the Overlord’s corruption.
  • He infiltrated Project Arcturus spacecraft with the other ninja to stop the Nindroids from getting the golden weapons for the Overlord and got the others spacesuits so they could survive in space.
  • He helped build a makeshift rocket with the ninja so they could return back to Ninjago, powering the rocket himself.
  • He offered P.I.X.A.L to take the Stone Warrior armor instead to protect herself from the Overlord and distracted the Overlord with the ninja long enough for Wu to shoot the nano pill to defeat him (unfortunately Pythor literally got in the way).
  • He sacrificed himself to kill the Overlord once and for all, touching his golden armor to reach critical mass to destroy both of them, saving the heroes and all of Ninjago.
  • He sent P.I.X.A.L a message revealing he was alive in the Digiverse and rebuilt himself a body made of titanium (although they ended up being captured by Ronin and imprisoned on Chen’s island).

Season 4

  • He regained his memory with the help of P.I.X.A.L and freed himself before going to free her. Once he found that P.I.X.A.L’s body was destroyed with only her neural drive remaining, he inputs her neural into his processor so she could survive inside of him instead of fleeing to save himself like she insisted and emitted a beacon to Nya on his location once Clouse knocked him out and imprisoned him again.
  • He reunited with and greeted an imprisoned Cole when Cole overheard him trying to break free of his chains.
  • He refused to leave with Cole to save himself, instead going back with Cole to free the enslaved Elemental Masters from Chen.
  • He came up with a successful plan to free all the Elemental Masters by creating a roto jet out of the spare parts in the factory, busting out with them and reuniting with the rest of his friends and defeating Chen’s forces with them once Kai destroyed Chen’s staff to restore all their elemental powers.
  • He told the ninja to go on looking for Skylor without him once he accidentally fell into a cave and conquered his fear and insecurities with the help of P.I.X.A.L, declaring he was no longer the White ninja but the Titanium ninja, unlocking his power to create his own elemental dragon and inspiring the Elemental masters to do the same so they could all go back to Ninjago and stop Chen and his imposter Anacondrai army.
  • He realized Chen wanted Pythor because Pythor was the key to making Chen and his army’s transformation into Anacondrai permanent, holding off the freed prisoners at Kryptarium when the heroes went to get Pythor to safety, and bridging the heroes out to escape the prison.
  • He helped fight against Chen’s forces in the final battle, thanking the Elemental Masters for their help after they won, and honoring Garmadon with the others as he sacrificed himself to defeat Chen.

Season 5

  • He helped put out flyers for Wu’s tea shop with the other ninja before heading back to the shop after losing their elemental powers, and he revealed to the ninja that Lloyd had been possessed (by Morro) which is why they lost their powers. He fought Morro with the others before retreating on the Bounty.
  • He fought Morro on the Bounty with Kai to buy time for Wu to discover the message on his scroll that Morro sought and saved Kai from falling to his death.
  • He sent his falcon to get Misako to help the team figure out the message on Wu’s staff on the location of the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master and led the team to the village Stiix to track down Ronin who stole the first clue which was the scroll of Airjitzu.
  • He tried to negotiate and reason with Ronin to get the scroll and even led the ninja in taking jobs to buy it from Ronin, albeit to no avail and reluctantly agreed to steal it from Ronin with the other ninja since there was no other choice (plus Ronin actually stole it and the ninja were just going to return it back to the library after learning airjitzu so it wasn’t actually stealing).
  • He helped the other ninja get the scroll of Airjitzu from Sensei Yang’s haunted temple.
  • He helped get the ninja to the top of the wailing mountains to get to the Cloud Kingdom using his mech after the other ninja lost theirs.
  • He figured out the first riddle in the First Spinjitzu Master of what a spinjitzu master could do, finding the door to advance to the next level and warning Kai not to activate the traps and be rash when no one including himself knew the next riddle.
  • Along with the other ninja, he bowed in respect upon finding the First Spinjitzu Master's deceased body.
  • He saved Jay from Morro and along with the other ninja, he reunited with Lloyd.
  • He evacuated and saved civilians from the Preeminent using his mech and celebrated with the others when the Preeminent was defeated by Nya and Lloyd returned.

Season 6 and Day of the Departed

  • He told Jay to tell Cole and the others about his vision of him and Nya being together in the future they saw in the Realm Crystal cave and not to hide the truth about it.
  • He helped look for Clouse and escaped with the others from angry civilians after the ninja were framed by Nadakhan, meeting up with the others at Wu’s old monastery to inform them about Sensei Wu’s disappearance and how Wu checked out a book from the library called the Teapot of Tyrahn just before disappearing, revealing that the ninja weren’t looking for Clouse but a type of evil genie called a djinn.
  • He called out the Mechanic for working for Chen and that it was his own fault for going out of business when the ninja took Chen down, pointing out working for a crime boss was a bad career decision and helped the ninja and Soto break out of Kryptarium prison so they could stop Nadakhan.
  • He got the lantern map to find the location of the tiger widow spider whose venom was needed to stop Nadakhan.
  • Although he initially got overconfident once confronted by Nadakhan, thinking he could outsmart him and uses his three wishes to defeat him, he realized his mistake once Nadakhan twisted his words to delete P.I.X.A.L and was consumed with remorse and heartbreak (which unfortunately Nadakhan used to trick Zane into being imprisoned in his Sword of Souls).
  • He reunited with the others after Jay freed them from the Sword of Souls and greeted his prototype counterpart Echo Zane, vowing with them all to free Nya from Nadakhan.
  • He freed Jay from Nadakhan’s seal on his mouth, going with them all to fight Nadakhan, and mourned Nya’s death, placing his hand on Kai to comfort him before Jay used his last wish to reverse time
  • On the Day of the Departed, he created an ice statue to honor his late father Julien and defeated a revived/ghost General Cryptor and his Nindroids once and for all, before reuniting with the ninja, Wu, and Morro, learning about Master Yang’s plan before realizing they left Cole and went back with the ninja to help inspire Cole to defeat Master Yang.

Season 7

  • He detected a temporal energy wave from the monastery and led the ninja there to stop the Time Twin Acronix who wasn’t a myth after all.
  • He went with the ninja to defeat the mysterious Vermillion Warriors when they attacked Cyrus Borg’s event and he tried to get Borg to safety before getting knocked out by Acronix and his long lost brother Krux.
  • He warned the ninja that Vermillion Warriors were at the power plant (albeit his warning came off as gibberish due to Nya accidentally scrambling his neural pathways when bringing him back online) and with the help of Nya and Jay, he hooked onto the power core to generate a magnetic pulse to defeat the Vermillion Warriors (and luckily his pathways were quickly unscrambled afterwards so his words wouldn’t be gibberish anymore).
  • He discovered the location of the next Timeblade so the team could retrieve it from the Vermillion Warriors and stabilized the port wing of the Super Sonic Raider jet so the team could escape.
  • Although he played with the Time blade, he was cautious unlike Jay and Cole, apologizing to Nya for nearly accidentally hitting her with the blade and stopping once Lloyd told them to  (unlike Cole and Jay who hypocritically ignored Lloyd but apologized to Wu for saying the exact same thing).
  • He expelled the Vermillion Warriors out of the monastery and felt remorse with the rest of the ninja after Acronix and Krux got the Time blades and Wu.
  • He realized from Misako that Wu was rapidly aging to death and went with Lloyd, Cole, and Jay to investigate the museum where Krux hid in plain sight to find clues to where their secret base was. He stopped Jay from carelessly destroying countless priceless artifacts in the museum and got the Destiny’s Shadow so they could all traverse the secret inner caverns Cole discovered to find Acronix and Krux’s base.
  • He got the map to Acronix and Krux’s base from Skales and informed Kai and Nya about what they missed when they arrived before going to look for Cyrus Borg while the others find Wu, rescue the workers, or find Acronix and Krux. He then met up with Lloyd and together both went to help Cole and Jay fight off Vermillion Warriors and he pointed out to the others that Acronix and Krux had gotten the third Time blade and escaped with a captive Wu, Kai, and Nya.
  • He convinced the others that they should go back for Cyrus Borg to rescue him from the Dome, disguising themselves as Vermillion Warriors to infiltrate the Dome, and learning from Borg about the Iron Doom superweapon Acronix and Krux forced him to build which would allow them to travel back in time to rewrite history. He saved Samurai X and Borg from the Vermillion Warriors and tried to input the 1300 self-destruct sequence (although sadly Acronix and Krux stopped him and successfully went back in time with the Iron Doom).
  • Following Wu stranding himself in time to defeat Acronix and Krux along with Kai and Nya’s return, Zane anointed Lloyd master with the rest of the ninja to lead them and find Master Wu wherever he was.

Season 8

  • He defeated the Mechanic and reunited with the rest of the ninja at Borg Tower, giving the others some background information about the mysterious Sons of Garmadon syndicate that was growing in Ninjago.
  • He served as security with the other ninja during the Emperor of Ninjago's speech.
  • He saved Hutchins and defeated Ultra Violet when she and the Sons of Garmadon attacked the palace, holding them off long enough for Lloyd and Harumi to escape with the Mask of Deception.
  • He went with Cole to interrogate a member of the Sons of Garmadon and he discovered the location of the Sons of Garmadon base at Laughy's or the Karaoke club on the South Side.
  • He infiltrated the Sons of Garmadon and came up with a plan to (reluctantly) get Cole captured so he could gain the Sons of Garmadon's trust, learning their leader was known as the Quiet One and convincing Cole to escape while he and the Sons of Garmadon went out for a ritual race.
  • He defeated most of the Sons of Garmadon once his cover was blown and battled the mysterious man named Mr. E, learning Mr. E was a Nindroid and tried to reason with him sadly to no avail.
  • He saved Nya and purged the foreign agent in P.IX.A.L' s system to save the ninja after coming back online.
  • He worked with P.I.X.A.L to fix the Bounty's engines.
  • He told P.I.X.A.L that she didn't need his approval to have her own body and that the choice was always her about what she wanted to be, complimenting her on her new Samurai X body.
  • He warned the Sons of Garmadon that by his and the ninja's experience, unearthing ancient evils always ends badly for the villains who did it.
  • He helped stop Harumi's (who was the leader of the Sons of Garmadon all along) resurrection ceremony but tried to stop Lloyd from confronting his revived/evil father when it was revealed that Garmadon was successfully revived.
  • He was the first ninja willing to sacrifice his power to save Lloyd and healed him with the other ninja and Mystake's tea.
  • He went with Kai, Cole, and Jay to stop Garmadon's Colossus, piloting the Bounty to get Wu from Lloyd and warning the ninja he couldn't break free of the Colossus' hold before they used Traveler's Tea to transport them to the First Realm.

Season 9

  • He constructed a makeshift radio to try and contact Ninjago and told Kai and the others to be patient with a kid and amnesiac Wu, pointing out that Wu had an excelled growth rate now that the effects of the Reversal blade had worn off and they would have their old master soon enough.
  • He and Kai realized with the radio that they were being ambushed and tried to get to safety with Jay before being captured by the Dragon Hunters.
  • He lied to the Dragon Hunters that he, Kai, and Jay were alone and didn’t come with anyone else, instructing Kai and Jay to do the same to protect Cole and Wu from getting captured.
  • He found Cole and Wu and convinced them to leave since Wu’s Oni heritage was agitating the dragon called Slab that was hunting him, Kai, and Jay down and used the chain Wu and Cole gave them to restrain Slab.
  • He used his elemental powers to save Jay from Slab and defeat Slab and fought off the Dragon Hunters with Kai and Jay (albeit they ended up getting recaptured).
  • He came up with a plan to build a fake Firstbourne to trick the leader of the Dragon Hunters, Iron Baron, into thinking he was under attack so Cole and Wu could rescue them, helping secretly build the fake Firstbourne with the team.
  • He helped free the dragons after getting freed himself when the real Firstbourne attacked in order to reunite the Firstbourne with her dragons and have them leave in peace.
  • He was the only to have faith (pun not intended) in Wu’s plan to get to the Dragon Armor by literally having a woman called Faith who was the secret identity of the top Dragon Hunter called Heavy-Metal join them to help them get to the Dragon Armor even though Wu didn’t actually know where the Dragon Armor.
  • He defeated some Dragon Hunters with the others and took the Hunters' vehicles to aid their journey.
  • He helped Faith repair their vehicles.
  • He fought the Dragon Hunters with the others and went to rescue Faith with Wu and the other ninja before getting captured.
  • He with the other ninja, Faith, and the redeemed Dragon Hunters went to help Wu and stop Iron Baron and reunited with Wu after he befriended and rode the Firstbourne to them, learning of Iron Baron’s fate and bowing to the returned Wu. He and the other ninja would then ride the Firstbourne’s dragonspawn back to Ninjago.
  • He saved Lloyd, Nya, and Darreth from Garmadon’s forces and reunited with them before they all went to stop Garmadon once and for all.
  • He helped take down Garmadon’s Colossus with the other ninja and the Resistance and reunited with Lloyd after he defeated Garmadon once and for all.

Season 10

  • He warned Cole not to use the drill to go under the road just to get to the event they were supposed to be at as the city just finished rebuilding the freeway.
  • He thanked the Police Commissioner and Cyrus Borg for rebuilding the Bounty and upon learning about the Oni threat from Wu and Lloyd, he fixed the damaged lever and piloted the Bounty to evacuate Ninjago City.
  • He tried to fight the Oni darkness with the ninja but evacuated with the other ninja when their powers were useless against it and comforted the Police Commissioner aboard the Bounty.
  • He reactivated the ignition switch of the Bounty to save everyone from crashing after Garmadon, who the ninja were reluctantly allying with, turned it off (Garmadon did that just because btw) and convinced Lloyd to accompany his father to prevent any situations like that from occuring in the future.
  • He activated the camera feed so the ninja could track Lloyd when he ventured into the Oni darkness with his father to stop the Oni as only those with Oni blood like Lloyd and Garmadon could survive in the darkness.
  • He received and traced the distress signal from NGTV News so the ninja could go there and rescue the survivors of the Oni darkness.
  • He called out Garmadon when Garmadon dismissed Cole’s (seeming) death and told him that even he was incapable of pure logical thought and callously refusing to mourn a friend’s death.
  • He along with Garmadon and the other ninja joined with Lloyd to create the Tornado of Creation to defeat the Oni and save all the realms as Lloyd predicted the tornado would.

Season 11

  • He didn’t have any anger or jealousy towards Cole for beating his high score in Lava-Zombies and instead congratulated him on the achievement.
  • Although he had become out of shape and complacent like the other ninja as Wu pointed out, she realized that Wu was right and came up with the idea to contact the police and solve cases for them to get the ninja back in shape until they could find a quest.
  • He drove the Land Bounty to escape from the dangerous Beohernie when it attacked the ninja in the desert.
  • He informed the group of the fact that they needed the Thermolytic Kinetic Inverter for the Land Bounty’s engine to start which was eaten by the Beohernie so they could escape and volunteered himself to go into the beetle, whose digestive system was slow, to retrieve the inverter.
  • He got the inverter from Beohernie so the Land Bounty could be fixed and the ninja could successfully escape from the Beohernie.
  • He tried to convince Clutch Powers to join the ninja to explore the pyramid and was happy when he did (albeit Clutch did it just so he wouldn’t lose his Explorer’s Club membership).
  • He carried Jay to safety to save him from a rickety bridge in the pyramid.
  • He figured out the pyramid’s tomb was for the evil Aspheera and tried to warn Jay not to open it although it was too late.
  • He was the only one of the ninja who remained optimistic about Clutch Powers, believing he went to get help for the ninja instead of saving himself from Aspheera.
  • He saved the ninja from falling into the lava so Nya could pull them all up and reunited with P.I.X.A.L when she rescued them.
  • He saved the police with the other ninja and went to the museum to stop Aspheera.
  • He pointed out to the ninja that they couldn’t rush after Aspheera after she got the mysterious scroll she was looking for but instead they should learn more about her and the “Treacherous Deceiver” she was looking which convinced Lloyd to have Kai, Cole, and Jay go to the Serpentine while the rest go stop Aspheera.
  • He saved the ninja from three of Aspheera’s fire snakes with Kai.
  • He saved Lloyd and Nya from Aspheera and her forces and got them out with a helicopter.
  • He tried to reason with Clutch Powers and later Cecil Putnam at the Explorer’s Club to give him and the ninja the Second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to stop Aspheera, only infiltrating the club and stealing it as it was the only way to stop her and save Ninjago.
  • He saved the other ninja, Wu, and P.IX.A.L with Lloyd and Nya to confront Aspheera for the final time.
  • He defeated Aspheera and all her forces using the Second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and sacrificed himself to take Aspheera's shot meant for Wu which transported him to the Never-Realm.
  • While he acted as the ruthless Ice Emperor this was not of his free will and Vex combined with the Forbidden Scroll corrupted him. This isn’t a corrupting factor.
  • He broke free of his brainwashing and saved Lloyd from General Vex before destroying the Second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu once and for all to save the Never-Realm, unfreezing the Formlings and everyone targeted by Vex and his brainwashed state.
  • He defeated General Vex once and for all and reunited with the ninja along with Wu and P.I.X.A.L upon returning from the Never-Realm.

Season 12

  • He helped arrest the Mechanic with the other ninja and investigate his hideout before convincing the ninja that they should all go to Dyer Island to find the creator of the Prime Empire video game that the Mechanic stole the motherboard for and which kidnapped Jay.
  • He helped take down the security system with the other ninja and fought off the Mechanic's forces and defeated the Mechanic himself so Cole, Nya, Kai, and Lloyd could enter the game while he and P.I.X.A.L went to find Dyer. He also took the motherboard so the Mechanic couldn’t retrieve it.
  • He went to Milton Dyer’s mother to learn more about him with P.IX.A.L and Wu and he went with P.I.X.A.L to locate Milton Dyer’s friend and find where he might be before getting kidnapped by the Mechanic.
  • He refused to give the Mechanic the motherboard and lied that it was destroyed before reluctantly giving the motherboard to him so he wouldn’t kill a captive Wu.
  • He defeated Richie and took his vehicle to escort Milton Dyer, Wu, and P.I.X.A.L to Borg Tower so Dyer could reconcile with Unagami and free everyone from Prime Empire, reuniting with the other ninja afterwards.

Season 13

  • He informed the team about the mysterious Kingdom of Shintaro that invited them over and the dangerous direbats that inhabit its outskirts, saving Master Wu from one of them when they attacked the Bounty.
  • He tried to encourage Master Wu to come with the ninja to rescue Cole, assuring the depressed Wu that it was not true that he would only slow them down.
  • He helped free the Geckle and Munce races so they and the ninja could all escape from the Skull Sorcerer.
  • He made sure Kai was okay when Geckles fell on him and got moss milk (gross as it sounds) onto him and tried to reason with the Geckles that they weren’t the Skull Sorcerer’s skeletons.
  • He freed the rhino called Mino from her vengestone armor to save him and Kai, recognizing that rhinos weren’t naturally aggressive but the Vengestone was aggravating her and after clearing their name to the Geckles, he convinced Kai, who unwilling became the Geckle’s new Chancellor to ask the Geckles for what they know about the Skull Sorcerer.
  • He (reluctantly at Kai’s insistence) cheated in the Geckle slow “slug race” by using his ice powers to speed the pro-war Geckle slug across the finish line to lose so that the peace meeting with the Munce could occur and they could unite to stop the Skull Sorcerer.
  • He held off the Skull Sorcerer’s forces with Lloyd when they ambushed the Geckle and Munce peace meeting so the others could escape before he and Lloyd joined them.
  • He went with Jay, Kai, and Lloyd to buy enough time for Nya, the Geckle, and Munce to seal the Strong Cave, getting in just in time with the others.
  • He agreed to Lloyd’s surrender to the Skull Sorcerer to spare the Geckles and Munce lives.
  • He and the rest of the ninja joined the battle with the Geckle, Munce, and Cole’s crew against the Skull Sorcerer’s forces after being freed by Plundar who was a group of adventurers Cole met while under the mountain.

The Island

  • He informed the team of the only man known to survive the storm belt that stranded Clutch Powers, Wu, and Misako’s expedition known as Timothy Batterson and located him to convince him to join the ninja to go rescue the expedition.
  • He saved Kai, Jay, and Cole from being crushed by rocks by turning the catamaran to its side so it could pass through the rock arch safely.
  • He tried to convince the Keepers of the amulet that the ninja weren’t here to steal the amulet and reunited with Wu and Misako after getting imprisoned with them.
  • He tried to convince Clutch Powers not to steal the amulet as he (correctly) knew the Keepers wouldn’t be pleased.
  • He and the rest of the ninja realized that the Keepers of the Island were being conned by a fake Wojira and helped stop the operation, which was by Ronin all along, and free Jay.

Season 14

  • He tried to stop a criminal meetup but after Nya’s powers went out of control, he helped evacuate a nearby village from her water cyclone.
  • He saved a group of sailors that were being attacked by an octopus and discovered with P.I.X.A.L that an energy signal caused the octopus to become hostile and disrupting Nya’s powers, informing the team and going on a deep sea expedition with her, P.I.X.A.L, Lloyd, and Jay to find the source of the energy signal.
  • He led the expedition as captain and tried to fix the Hydro Bounty after Kalmaar’s forces damaged the engine and appointed Jay captain after he risked his life to restart the Bounty.
  • He reunited with Nya and her mom when they were fleeing from Prince Kalmaar’s forces and upon being taken to King Trimaar, he was horrified when Kalmaar killed his father to become king.
  • He created an ice wall to block off Kalmaar’s forces so the team could escape.
  • He returned to Ninjago with the others to rescue Wu, Kai, Cole, and Ray from Kalmaar and his forces.
  • He fought Kalmaar’s forces with the others in the final battle after Kalmaar attacked and flooded Ninjago.

Season 15

  • Zane was one of the only Ninjas to sultan with the team. While he did turned off his emotion meter it was to avoid grief and increase his productivity, since he did nothing while grieving over Nya’s death.


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